Tuesday 4 August 2015

Jumping Out Of My Comfort Zone - My Boxfit Experience

I did something this evening that was completely out of my comfort zone. I went to Boxfit.

I will run and quite happily go to the gym but going to a class is a huge thing. I am incredibly self conscious even though I know everyone at that class isn't going to be looking at me, they are there to do the class.

But I really wanted to try something new and when my friend asked me to go along with her I thought why not, moral support and we could laugh together if it all went wrong.

And I am so glad I did, we had so much fun and laughed so much!

We turned up and it wasn't in the main closed off room that classes are normally held in, it was in the open gym. Well I started to panic and so did my friend. We walked over and were greeted by a guy. He basically told us you just get on with it. Well we stood around for a few minutes looking like wet lettuces until my friend explained to him we have never boxed before.

He then softened and explained how the class ran. I thought it seemed like a rather tam class but little did I know!!

He started the class and it was just my friend, me and one other guy. You had to pair up so my friend and I were together and the guy got the punch bag, thank goodness as he was a pretty hard core boxer!

The class leader talked us through what we had to do which was jabs, crosses and upper cuts followed by squats, planks and crunches. Oh it killed but I really felt like I had had a good work out!

When we were told to do star jumps well we ended up on the floor in fits of giggles. My friend can not do star jumps. Her legs and arms just go at completely the wrong time.

After a day with two toddlers it was a brilliant stress reliever. I really got into the punching, so much so the class leader said whoever upset me had better watch out lol!

At the end of the class I felt broken. Boxfit had broken me and I know tomorrow I am going to struggle to get out of bed. But it was so much fun!!

And we are back there next week. 
Best of Worst
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  1. I am exhausted just from reading it!! #bestandworst

  2. Ouch I bet you can barely lift your arms after that! Good on you for giving it a go!

  3. Love this post, I remember the first time I went to Boxercise I felt exactly the same, could hardly walk, talk or breathe at the end of it, and well, the next morning! Well done to you for plucking up the courage to go, you'll be addicted in no time.

  4. I love Boxfit, though haven't been in ages dues to parenting tiredness and can't be bothered haha! Its such a good work out, and we used to laugh our heads off too at the intensity some weeks and inability to do it. Are you going to go again? x #Bestandworst

  5. It sounds like you had a great time.....I hope you aren't aching too much today!

  6. Love a bit of boxfit! Brilliant stress buster! And great for arms too! Go for it! #bestandworst

  7. Haha sounds like alot of fun! Although I probably would have died for 1. being in the main gym and 2. because I can't ever imagine being fit enough to do it these days! :-) #bestandworst Thanks for linking up! x

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