Sunday 1 May 2016

Monthly Bucket List - May's List And Update

How can another month have gone by? It really doesn't seem possible but I don't seem to have done too bad with April's bucket list considering we moved and have had a lot of change. I am loving doing these little monthly lists because even if I don't look at them again once they are written they are in my mind and I have mini goals for the month. 

So here is how I did with April's list

1. Move house. Yes!! We did it on the 8th April.

2. Keep running up. Another yes! I have been running a little more since moving as the routes around here are beautiful and I have also joined a running club.

3. Find a new book to read.I haven't done this one. I have got a book to read, I just haven't started it. With the move and settling in the time just hasn't been there.

4. Get organised on the blog.This has been a big no. I have found blogging a bit hard since moving, not sure why, so it is taking a back burner at the moment until I get my mojo back.

5. Cook more.Yes! I have even done a bit of baking in our new kitchen and evening meals have been much more meal like rather than freezer thrown together meals.

6. Eat healthier! Another yes. I have been making sure I have salads for my lunch, but have still been having the the odd biscuit and cake here & there as a treat.

This month I am going all out as we are now settled in the new house and have much more time on our hands as we are not travelling so much, here there and everywhere.

1. Go to the park. We are spoilt for choice when it comes to parks around us so we have no excuse not to get to one. I want to make sure we go to the park at least twice a week, as the boys love it so much. And it gets us out the house.

2. Run a couple of 10k's. I have been continuing to run but they have been shortish distances, for me anyway, of about 5k/6k. I did run 9k last weekend and it was great so I need to get back into running the long distances at the weekend. Hopefully joining the running club means I will get to do this.

3. Get back into blogging. It isn't like I have been short of things to write, I just seem to have lost the mojo so I am hoping a nice break away for my husbands birthday will recoup me and I will get back into it.

4. Sort out the garden. We have a beautiful garden in the new house with artificial grass but it is very bare. There is a flower bed which I am going to go to the garden centre with my Nan and get some advice to spruce up the garden!

5. Survive Amsterdam. We are off to Amsterdam this weekend for Mrs C's 30th birthday with our friends so hoping for lots of laughs and drinks, but also hoping to come home relatively unhungover haha!




  1. Looks like it's going to be a busy May for you! Can't wait to hear more about the garden!

  2. Congratulations on the new house! I bet it's such a relief to be in, I know it was when we moved. Running seems to be on everybody's bucket list this month and it's convincing me more and more I need to take the plunge wi every post I read! I hope you have a great time in Amsterdam!

  3. Sounds like you have had a very busy April - congratulations on the house move! I hope you have a wonderful May!

  4. I found it hard to get back into blogging after moving too. We had to wait ages for our internet so I really lapsed.
    Good luck with the new running club. I went for my first run in almost a month and my god it was hot!! Bring back chilly February runs!!!
    Hope you're loving the new house. Thanks for linking up again xxx