Friday 18 November 2016

The Vileda Clean - Windomatic Review

With temperatures dropping we have popped our heating on so it comes on in the morning so that it warms the house up in time for when we all jump out of bed in the morning. We then have it on in the evenings so the house is toasty for us to enjoy the evening and for when we go to bed. This is amazing as I have to say I love a cosy house but there is just one problem, it causes condensation on the windows in the mornings. Mr C and I were chatting one morning on how we were going to try and combat this when only a few hours later I received the opportunity to review a Vileda Windomatic to which I got very excited about and obviously had to say yes!

I couldn't wait for it to arrive and when it did it was straight out of the box for a little play with and ready for the next morning. On receiving it and reading the instructions I also found out that it will help clean up spillage's which in this house are happening all the time with my clumsy two - bonus!

We have now been using the Windomatic for a week and I have to say it is a brilliant product, I would say a must have for those that have windows that suffer with condensation. We have used it every morning to clear the bottoms of the windows, which has only been a tiny bit of condensation but enough to cause damp and mould in the window corners. In the height of winter I know the windows are going to be covered in it as temperatures drop even more. One thing that I found was brilliant was that the nozzle can tilt! So rather than getting to the middle of the window and then turning round and coming from the other side, you can just continue for the whole window.

It literally takes two seconds and sucks up all of the condensation, whereas I am sure others have also tried this, when you wipe the window you get a pool on the window sill that you then have to also clean up. It will also be great in the summer when the bathroom window gets condensed from the shower! An all year round cleaner.

The other great thing that I really like about this product is that you don't have to keep hold of the on/off button. You press it and it is on until you press it to turn it off, makes sucking up the condensation a lot easier with manoeuvring the Windomatic.

We have also used it to suck up spillage's. My two are terrible with having a drink and then just plonking it wherever they are and leaving it, most of the time with it still open. So we end up with little spillage all over the place, which have been really easy to clean up with this awesome product!

It is really easy to empty as all the water is collected in the dirt water reservoir which is accessed so you can empty it via pressing down the unlocking bottom. There is a maximum capacity of water that can be collected which you should keep an eye.

I would give the Windomatic a 5* rating as I love it so much. It makes our life so much easier and makes cleaning up the condensation and those unexpected spillage's simple.

*We were kindly sent the Windomatic to review and all opinions are 100% my own.*

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  1. This is a handy little device, my sons always dropping/pouring his milk on the floor. I'll need to keep an eye out for this!