Monday 29 August 2016

Stikins Name Labels Review - Back To School

As this is going to be Finley's first year at school, everything is new to us but one thing I did know was that we needed to get name labels. Every parent I have spoken to has said it isn't like preschool and EVERYTHING needs to be labelled otherwise we would never see it again, even shoes! I ordered Finley's labels at the start of the summer and they came the day after I had ordered them, I was pretty impressed with the speediness of the delivery.

I was then asked if we would like to review Stikins Name Labels and as we already had Finley's I realised that maybe we would need some for Noah, as he is starting preschool come September and I can remember from Finley writing his name on everything; it's a task I was doing almost weekly. So Stikins have kindly sent me some name labels for Noah, for us to review alongside the labels we already had for Finley. Again I was very impressed with the delivery as they arrived within days of being told they had been ordered.

When I ordered Finley's Stikins I ordered them through their website which I found on a leaflet that we had been given by the school. You can also order them by phone or by post as well. I have to say that their website was so easy to use. You can choose to have one or two lines on the labels as well as how many labels you would like. I went for 120 name labels as for £12.50 I think this is a complete bargain as they will last us a good few years as I have just put Finley's name on them. You could put the class if you wanted but as Finley's school is pretty small this wasn't needed. Once you have chosen how many you would like and what you would like on your labels you put them in your basket and then do the usual name, address and payment details. So so easy!

The brilliant thing with Stikins and their delivery in June, July, August and September is they despatch orders the same day if you order before 3pm. This is great because as a parent to a new starter I just wanted to get everything sorted so once I had ordered them they were then with me the next day and another thing was ticked off the list. Also you pay no extra cost for the next day delivery service if you are in the UK.

The labels arrived and they are very clear with bold black font and are the perfect size to fit onto the clothes care label of the boys school uniforms. They are also not too big to go in shoes and wellies.

Last Monday I thought it was time to get organised so I washed both of the boys uniforms, hung them on the line as the weather was lovely and waited for them to dry so I could start putting on the Stikins name labels. Once dry and ironed I set about the task of labelling everything that was going to be going into school with Finley and into preschool with Noah. I read the instructions which are really clear and made the whole process seem easy, and it was! I got each item of clothes label ready for the Stikins name label to go on and you peel off the name label from the backing paper, while trying not to touch the sticky bit too much and put it onto the clothes care label. The with your thumb just run it gently over the name label to make sure it has stuck. They advise not to wash for 24 hours after you have done this to ensure that the label doesn't come off.

Once all the clothes were done I went onto the other items that needed to be labelled like Finley's water bottle, their shoes and Noah's lunchbox. The instructions are the same for these and again stuck really easily with no hassle. There was no sewing and no ironing which was great for me as this was one thing that I wasn't looking forward to in the whole starting school preparation. So when the school gave me the leaflet for Stikins and they were described as 'Name labels that simply stick in and stay in' these were definitely the option for me.

I would definitely recommend Stikins school labels as they are so easy to use and take a lot of stress out of the back to school preparations.

* This is a sponsored post. I was kindly sent one pack of Stikins to review but I purchased the other pack. All opinions are 100% my own.*

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