Thursday 15 September 2016

Embracing Change

Since the 1st September our routines, and lives if that doesn't sound too dramatic, have changed completely. We have been used to lazy pyjama mornings, 2 preschool days a week and in all honesty not much structure in our day to day lives. We have loved it and this has been our normal, until now.

Finley started school on the 1st September and even though he is still doing the settling in with half days, turning into full days at the end of the month, we have had to be dressed,  organised and out the door by 8.45am to get him to school on time. Clothes have had to be ready and everything prepared for the next day, the night before just so that I feel organised.

Then just last week Noah started preschool which has meant getting two children dressed in clean uniform and ready to leave by 8.45am for school. Followed by a walk up to the preschool for 9.15am. This has been exciting yet very daunting as in my whole 5 years of being a parent this amount of structure and routine hasn't been needed because if things went wrong it didn't matter, we didn't have anyone to answer to but ourselves. But now there is the school to answer to and if your late then thats a big no no.

We are now two weeks in to the school routine and a week into adding in the preschool routine and I feel like we are doing pretty well, so far! Finley has been in school on time with 5 minutes to spare and is happy to be left and Noah has been the same. I then have come home and cleaned the house within an inch of it's life and got so much work done it is unbelievable! But I am loving this new us. I have time to do my chores and work while the boys are at school/preschool and then our time when I pick them up is our time. 

I know come the end of september our routine is going to have to change again due to full time school but we will work that out and if I am honest I think it will be better for us all. The rushing about won't be as much and we will have proper structure to our days and a real routine. I will have time for me, Kirsty, to do my work, do the ironing in peace and even catch up with a friend without children shouting our names every two seconds because someone has hit someone!

And then I am looking forward to the half term where that routine can be binned for a week and we can go back to pyjama's and lazy mornings for just a week! This is our new us and as scary as it is, we are embracing change and going with the flow.


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