Saturday 8 October 2016

Furby Connect - Review

If there was one toy as a child that I can remember, that would be the Furby. My brother and I had hours of fun with our Furby's and back in those days they were your simple furry creature that you could cuddle and feed. When I was told a Furby Connect was on it's way to me I was just as excited about trying it out as I was about Finley and Noah getting to enjoy the Furby as I did years ago. Our Furby Connect arrived and I couldn't wait to unbox it. I have to admit that I waited for the boys to be in bed to set it up, just so that I could get to grips with it before they played with it. Because as everyone with small children knows, children don't wait and children do not want to read instructions!

The Furby needed 4 AA batteries which we had in the draw and as soon as they were in, the Furby came to life and I was able to have a play. I fed and tickled him as I waited for the Furby Connect World app to download on our iPad. I spent the evening figuring out just what the Furby does and how it works with the app. The first time you go into the app, as the Furby is Bluetooth you will need to connect the two via Bluetooth so they can work together. Once connected you will name your Furby, each name has a meaning so you can choose one that you think suits your Furby best.

Once the app had launched and the Furby was connected to the app I started exploring the app to see what it did. When you have both the Furby and app on, whatever you do on the app the Furby will interact with it. As you go around the app you collect Furblings which will help you collect things to help you play the game such as medicine to make the Furby's better and food. The more you play with the app, the more Furblings you will hatch and the more things will open up for you to play with.

Once I had sussed out the Furby and how it worked with the app, I let the boys have a play with him and they absolutely love him! Finley who is 5 understands a little more about what the Furby does and that you can play with it with the app. Noah just loves the cuddliness of him and also that he would talk when you put your finger in his mouth.

Furby Connect comes with a sleep mask that you put over his eyes and it will make him go to sleep when he isn't being used, I love this idea and it's great for when I don't want to boys to be playing with him as I have said when Furby is asleep we leave him alone.

We opened up the app and woke Furby up so that we could start playing with them together. The one thing that the boys found hilarious is that you help the Furby do a poo! The Furby will tell you when it needs the toilet, by saying it or making a sound which the boys instantly knew he needed the toilet lol, so you head over to the toilet in the app. As the Furby has Bluetooth enabled it knows when the Furby is near the iPad so it asks you to hold it over the toilet and help him poo. For my two boys this was hilarious and they had such fun doing this. Once Furby has done a poo you will flush the toilet and then get back on with the game. The other thing Finley liked to do was to use the food canon to shoot food at the Furby. If food got stuck he would be asked to help Furby which is a great way to interact between the Furby and the app.

The Furblings will be walking around the app and you will use them to collect things, as well as you need to make sure they are all ok. Sometimes they will be hungry, they might need cleaning or sometimes they might be sick but you can help them with the things that you have collected while playing the game. We have only been playing with it for a day so we still have a lot to learn. There is a TV screen in the centre of the app which enables you to watch videos with your Furby. Finley & Noah loved doing this as they are big YouTube fans and I loved this as the app will find child appropriate videos for them to choose from and while the video is on the Furby will interact with the children. As well as YouTube videos there is a Furby music video which the Furby will dance and sing too which Finley and Noah joined in with too.

The Furby has hours of fun in it and there is so much to do with it. The more you do with it the more the Furby will learn. The brilliant thing is that you can also play with the Furby even when the app isn't open so it is like a little friend for the boys. As the Furby talks it will wriggle it's ears and wriggle from side to side. The light on the top of its head will flash when there is something new to do in the app or one of the Furblings is ready for you to go and collect something.

I was mesmerised by the eyes as because they are computerised they are so life like and it also meant that they can do so many things. The brilliant things about the Furby being Bluetooth enabled is that it can be updated regularly with new and exciting things. The app is also brilliant as it is always evolving and there are new things on there everyday so they boys aren't going to get bored of it, it is also a brilliant thing for me to help them with!

* We were kindly sent Furby Connect to review. All opinions are 100% my own.*

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