Tuesday 1 November 2016

Getting Back To Being Healthy

This is probably the wrong time of year to do it when all I want to do is drink hot chocolates topped with marshmallows and eat lots of comfort food. But I need to get back to where I was a few months ago, when I felt good about myself and I felt comfortable putting on clothes.

Since I injured my ankle a month or so ago I have been a bit rubbish on the eating front and I haven't been doing as much exercise as I normally do. I exercise so that I can eat what I want without feeling guilty or without worrying that it will make me feel uncomfortable in my clothes. I have been sitting down on an evening, once the boys are in bed, and indulging in chocolate and cake. This is something that used to be a treat at the weekend or a one off treat in the week but it has now become an every night thing. My will power has been completely shot to pieces since being injured and because I haven't been running so how my confidence.

I'm not saying I have put on weight I just don't feel as comfortable in myself as I have been eating all the wrong foods. I have been eating foods that make me feel bloated and just make me feel sluggish so it's time for a change, I need to get the fruit back out and start choosing what I eat a little better. Stop going for the easy option and take a bit of time on what we eat.

It is so easy when at home to reach for the biscuit tin or raid the boys sweets tub, but this has to stop so for November I am going to be good, ready for Christmas, and keep the treats for the weekend. I want to feel comfortable in myself again and this is the way to do it. I am also back to running now that my ankle is getting better so this should help my overall wellbeing.

Here's to fruit and veg in November ready for the Christmas binge!

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