Wednesday 25 February 2015

My Ordinary Moment #4

Last Friday we had a rare day at home. The only thing planned was a walk after lunch to go and spend some of Finley's reward money at the recently opened T K Maxx. I had said to the boys we could stay in our pj's until lunchtime and they were very excited at this prospect.

Finley was given a Gruffalo money box for his 3rd Birthday and he was obsessed by it. He loved filling it with money, be it 2p's or £1 coins. So my husband and I decided to capitalise on the love of this money box and used it as a reward scheme. We had said if he did something good, i.e helped tidy the toys away or stayed dry all day, he would get some money for it.

Well it has been building up and we had said he should start spending it as the whole 'you can have a pound if you have dry pants at bedtime' was wearing off as he wasn't seeing anything from the money. Then other day it broke. He wanted to count the money so rather than waiting for Mark or myself to get it, he picked it up, dropped it and it smashed. He was gutted.

I invited Nana over for lunch, and after we had all eaten off we went. We decided to make a stop off at the ducks to say hi as both the boys love them. It is a beautiful spot just a 5 minute walk from our house.

As we were there while throwing bread Finley cut his finger on a stick so took himself off to sit on the bench. This is where I took this photo and I love it so much. It captures Finley in his moment of thought. He really has a beautiful soul. This to others may sound silly as he is only 3 but he is so caring and loving.


  1. Aw so gorgeous, and I know totally what you mean. My biggest girl is four, but she is so kind. She really does have such a caring and kind nature and I am so proud of her for that- we are very lucky! x

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