Tuesday 15 September 2015

Why Tyre Safety Is So Important

Being a parent our main concern is the safety of our children, especially when in the car. The first thing you think of is car seats. I spent hours, weeks even, trying to find the right car seat for our boys; there are so many on the market but they all need to have the right safety regulations. 

But you can have the safest car seat in the world but it doesn't mean anything if you don't have a safe car. All cars have to be MOT'd each year, when over 3 years old, and most of us have our cars serviced. So we know our cars are safe with all the technical bits, but there are things we need to check on a regular basis, in between the annual visit to the garage, to make sure our cars are safe, especially when your carrying precious cargo like your children. Also it isn't just your safety that you need to do this for, but others on the road too. As anything that happens to your car can effect other drivers on the road.

There's the oil levels, coolant, windscreen wash, lights and tyres. Without the tyres the car will not go anywhere. You need to check the tyre pressure and tread regularly. Checking the tyre pressure can be done at any petrol station and it's pretty easy to do once you have been shown how, like I was by my husband. If there are any problems with your tyres it can be disastrous.

We recently had an incident with our tyres and I'm so thankful to the driver that flagged us to let us know there was a problem.

We were on our way to a friends wedding which was a good 4 hour car journey away. We hadn't long hit the motorway and 5 minutes into our journey a car drove past waving to us and pointing to our tyres. We panicked and slowed right down and pulled in to the hard shoulder to have a look. Following inspection, it appeared we had a flat tyre. Luckily we were only a few minutes away from a petrol station so crawled along until we got there.

After checking the pressure and inflating to the recommended level, we decided to air on the side of caution and go and get them checked at the nearest tyre fitters. This was going to delay our journey as it was a Saturday and we knew it would be busy but we weren't going to risk anything with the boys in the car. On arriving at the garage we waited 30 minutes. Once they had checked the tyres we were told that the valve had come loose and were very lucky as if we had carried on the tyre would have blown. We are so thankful to that person that flagged us down and to the fact we decided not to keep on with our journey before getting it checked out. This may have saved us from a horrible accident.

We were never to have known that this had happened to the tyre but it just goes to show that at soon as your tyres start looking worn, flat, scuffed or mis-shaped you should get them checked out.

At Point-S you can enter your registration number and it will give you the car tyres you need. You can also reserve them to be ready at your nearest Point-S which you can find via their find your nearest Point-s locater. This way you know they will have the car tyres you need in stock.

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  1. Great advice Hun! I literally sorted out my RAC cover yesterday (eek). Car stuff is scary with a little one xx #thetruthabout

  2. I've had a few issues with my car lately ($500+ on the last Service!!) but it is now 13 years old. We've had some scary moments too but it is really nice to know that it was given a clean bill of health in early August. I rarely check anything in between services but you're right - I should be more diligent - especially now that it is so old! Thanks for linking up Xx #thetruthabout

  3. good advice and I totally agree. It;s so important especially when we have loved ones in the car with us! #PicnMix

    Angela from www.daysinbed.com

  4. So glad they flagged you down to let you know! You've reminded me to check my tyres and oil etc too, thanks for linking up to #Picknmix
    Stevie x

  5. So glad they flagged you down to let you know! You've reminded me to check my tyres and oil etc too, thanks for linking up to #Picknmix
    Stevie x

  6. Good advice. Thanks for sharing it on #bigfatlinky



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