Saturday 17 January 2015

Pre School and being an emotional mummy

My crazy lovable first born had been going to nursery one day a week since he was 9 months old. I've always hated leaving him at nursery but it's something most of us have to do right?! As he approached his 3rd birthday I thought it was time for me to start looking into pre school's.

I knew his nursery had a pre school room within the setting but I wanted him to go to a dedicated pre school so all the children did the same hours - so they all went in at the start of the day and all left together at home time. After I researched lots of pre schools in our area, I managed to find one that both Finley and I loved and I signed him up to start in September last year. As he turned 3 at the end of September he was going to do 6 hours a week, 8.45 - 2.45 on a Monday.

I cried on his first day! Even though there was no change to me leaving him as I already did every Wednesday at his previous nursery this seemed real, like my baby is growing up - too fast I may add!

We soon got into a lovely routine of a Monday being pre school day and me getting boring jobs done, that was always a nightmare with two in tow and much easier with just Noah. Then January came when his 15 hour free entitlement. This is the time I had been dreading when he went from just one day a week to two full days plus a Thursday morning. I am one of those emotional mums that with every milestone in their life is a huge one for me, I am just an emotional mummy!

So the week came where he would be at pre school Monday and Wednesday 8.45 - 2.45 and Thursday 8.45 - 11.45 and I felt completely lost. Even though I have my 1 year old, Noah, I felt surplus to requirements. But Finley LOVED it! And on the days he didn't go to pre school he asked to go, which I tried not to take offence at, lol! He has been going full time pre-school hours now for two weeks and we are already in a nice routine. Plus, I manage to get my housework done while Noah naps which then gives me more time to play with the boys on a Tuesday and Friday. I'm still adjusting to my eldest being at pre school but as he loves it that's all that matters to me. 

One of the most emotional days of my life (over dramatic, yes!) :-)
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  1. It's so hard when they start. We get so attached having them around and although we see the adjustment and their happiness being there it is still difficult to feel 'happy' about it. But is great that sounds great that you're getting into a routine whilst he's there ☺

  2. It's been very hard - I feel guilty about leaving him there even though he loves it. I think it's to do with the fact I'm a stay at home mum and im at home while someone else looks after him x

  3. I understand the guilt, I'm a stay at home mum and my little one goes in to nursery three mornings a week, in part as I was working from home but mainly for him. And I cried when I left him!!

  4. Lovely photo, the little ones always look so sweet in their teeny uniforms :)
    It can be really hard to get used to our babies growing up and moving on to the next step in their development, even though they always thrive and enjoy. In our area kids go into full time school (mon-fri 9am-3.20pm) the September after they turn three! Even though he's my fifth, it makes my tummy lurch just thinking that in 18 months, my 18 month old toddler will be starting school. Makes it worse that my last two kids have been summer babies.
    Thanks for linking up with #SundayStars xxx



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