Wednesday 14 January 2015

Welcome to our Chaos


Firstly, thank you! Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Here's a little about me. I'm Kirsty, 27 and a stay at home Mummy. I have two gorgeous boys, Finley who is 3 and Noah who is 1. They drive me potty most of the time but they are my entire world - along with my incredible Husband, Mark. We have been together over 10 years, married for nearly 3.

We live in a 3 bedroom mid terraced house in Wiltshire and I love it, it's our home. As much as I love it, I can't be inside for too long and if we are I can't sit still for long. I feel the need to be out and about, I walk everywhere that I can - my husband thinks I'm mad!

I love tea and cake, expect lots of tea and cake.

I have never really written before, except from a Facebook post or a tweet. I've read so many incredible blogs and these have made me want to write my own. Please bear with me as I find my feet as I'm not that great with computers either! Got to start somewhere don't we.

This blog will be all about me and my family and what we get up to. I'd love to throw a little bit of fashion in there (what I wear, so I cant really call that fashion but sounds good doesn't it!) so I'll do my best.

Lets go!

Kirsty x


  1. Yay! You've started! Wahoo! Now get doing some lovely linkys and joining up with all sorts of things. It's fun. And a bit obsessive! xxx

    1. Thank you! I'm already hooked! All the parent bloggers are lovely :-) I'm just getting the hang of linkys - now sure I'm doing it right but love it! Xx



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