Friday 30 January 2015

Some days just don't go to plan

Some days don't go to plan and today was one of those days!

We were off out with my lovely friend Sam and her daughter Eva to Westonbirt Arboretum for our weekly stroll around the trees so the kids could run and release some energy. I was going to be taking the pushchair this time for Noah (as he's had a horrible cough the last few days and I didn't think he was up to walking), so it was just Finley on the loose this time.

He usually loves it as he can run wherever he likes and be free for a few hours. But today, after 20 minutes, he wanted to go on the buggy board (very out of character!). I tried to get him to walk a bit more by distracting with 'oooh what's that over there' and 'can you get to that tree before me' but this just seemed to cause a meltdown so I buckled and let him go on the buggy board.

We walked the long trail which is about 2 miles. About 10 minutes after choosing the long way round as we thought Finley was ok on the buggy board he started to moan. He was hungry, he was tired, he wanted a cuddle - just general toddler winging. So as we got to the café at the end I sighed with relief and the (not so) relaxing walk was over. I stopped to wait for my friend as her little girl was walking the rest of the way and Finley broke down 'DON'T STOP, KEEP GOING, DON'T STOP!' screaming and crying. By this point I was so ready for that cup of tea and some lunch.

We got into the café, all sat down, purchased lunch and began to eat. Finley then started to shout as I had asked him to eat his sandwich as well as his crisps (at this point I just thought he was getting tired so we muddled our way through lunch). Then all of a sudden he started to cry in pain and saying his ear hurt - knowing from his cry that this wasn't just another toddler tantrum. He then led his head on my lap crying whilst I called the doctors asking for an appointment. I was told they would call me back at 2 to see if they could book me in. It was now 12.30. I hate seeing my babies poorly, so we starting packing up to go home.

Then the smell...

It came from Noah's direction and as I got closer, I knew it was Noah and knew it was a bad one (sorry TMI!)

We were all packed up so off we headed to the toilets, Finley screaming that his ear hurt and wanting a cuddle and me feeling awful that there was nothing I could do. We got into the toilet and I put Noah on the changing table, Finley still crying, and as I went to take off Noah's trousers I saw it, it had gone EVERYWHERE. I have to strip Noah down to change every item of clothing so he's screaming. He hates being naked. Finley is also screaming and saying his ear is hurting and I am very close to tears myself.

We finally get out of the toilet alive and only just sane. Car all packed up and Finley dosed up on paracetomol, we head home. 5 minutes later he is fast asleep.

Once home the doctors call and book us in for 3.20. He woke up in a much better mood, still looking a little peaky but saying his ear was better. I still wanted to get him seen to.

Off we went to the doctors, yes he had an ear infection and his ear was very red so they wrote a prescription but told me to keep an eye and if he still complained that evening to get the prescription tomorrow. WHY WHY WHY would I wait until tomorrow if he had an ear infection and for him to maybe tonight have the same crying episode??

So I went and got the antibiotics as I wasn't going to risk him being in that much pain later on. First dose has been given so fingers crossed they kick in soon and get rid of the silly ear infection!

That was my what was supposed to be a nice day with the kiddies and friend. Lets hope tomorrow is better - it's Saturday after all and the hubby is home!

I did get some lovely pictures before it all kicked off though and my friend also bought me a lovely sign that made me cry.



  1. Ah I hate it when it goes like that! The photos are cute though if that makes you feel better! I used to live very near Westonburt arboretum it's beautiful hope today is better!xx

    1. Thank you! Westonbirt arboretum is lovely - great place for the kids! Today was much better thanks - day with my nan & the boys xx

  2. Aw when one thing goes wrong, lots more tend to follow. Big hugs. Hope today is a better day for you.

    1. Thank you. Today was so much better thank you. It's always the way with bad days! Lol xx


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