Sunday 25 January 2015

Watching their friendship grow

When I was pregnant with Finley, my eldest son, we decided to join up for the NCT classes. This was one of the best things we did as we met some lovely people that were taking the same journey as us. This is where I met Kerri. We had our two boys 10 weeks apart and when Harry, her son, was born this was when two very special friendships began. To me Kerri is one of the most amazing friends and we are so alike and always have conversations that include 'you too?!'. So our friendship of course was a great foundation for our boys friendship. With us both on maternity leave we would meet up once or twice a week for a play date and each week the boys would interact with each other more and more and we would see a bond growing between them.

One of their first photos together

Not too sure on Mummy's choice of messy play

When we both went back to work we still made the effort to see each other. Finley and Harry are so alike it is scary sometimes. They have nearly always got to each milestone together, whether this was because they saw so much of each other or a coincidence it was lovely to see. They started walking around the same time and this really was great to see two 1 year olds finding their feet and learning together. They also started potty training at the same time. We were having a play date at our house and Finley sat on the potty, did his first wee and harry followed, from that day they both took the potty journey together and became potty trained. When we have plans to see Kerri and Harry, Finley is so excited and really can't wait to get on with the playing. 

Lunch together is a regular occurrence 

And the odd cup of tea

Yes they have their days like any children, a bit like siblings, where they do not play well. They will fight over the same toy, they will push for no reason and just generally be toddlers that don't fancy interacting with another toddler that day! But the days they do get on, which thankfully is most of our play date days, they play lovely.

Harry has called Finley 'Pippin' right from when he learnt to talk which I find really sweet but as he is getting older and learning new words he is using 'Finley' more and more. But Finley always remembers that Harry called him 'Pippin' and I think he always will. When people ask Finley who his friends are he will always start with Harry and tell them that Harry is his best friend.

Both myself and Kerri have passes to our local arboretum so summer or winter we head there for the boys to run and explore. And here is where you see the best of them. They will run after each other and call each others name and really depend on each other to make their way through the woodland.

A couple of months ago we went to the cinema to watch Postman Pat with them both and Finley remembers this so well and will always be a memory of him and Harry.

I really do hope that their friendship will continue to grow, with mine and Kerri's help of course until they are old enough to keep this friendship growing.
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  1. This is so lovely, how wonderful that you met at a special time and are still friends to this day. I missed out on that as we moved soon after I had my oldest and I didnt do classes for my second. x

    1. I didn't do classes with my second either as I thought I knew all I needed to know already, haha, I was so wrong! I was very lucky with my second to have made a friend through a friend with a little girl the same age as my second so hopefully their friendship will grow like Finley and Harry's. Thank you for your lovely comment x

  2. I am still friends with my closest NCT friends 16 years later and our children are still friends even though we live miles apart now. I hope the same is true of your friendships #sharewithme

    1. The NCT is great and such a great way to find friends with children the same age. Thank you for commenting x

  3. Awww I love this and wished that my son have a brother like friend too! Its just amazing. #sharewithme

  4. Ahh bless you this is the sweetest post ever. And I love all the happy best friend photos too. they are so great together. Nothing is better than a first bff! Beautiful post. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

  5. This is an awesome post! So sweet! Exactly what you describe is like two have a close age difference and they are literally best friends, enemies and brothers all at the same time. My two don't have best friends because they have each other but if they ever did I hope that they have a best friend like this!
    Thanks for linking up with the #bigfatlinky

  6. We were lucky enough to make friends at our NCT classes. Ted is only 6 months old but i hope he makes a friend like this :) Thanks for sharing this and for linking up #bigfatlinky

  7. I love the NCT and antenatal classes with the ability to share the journey with people who understand why you want to share pictures of your childs poo (not me, my friend did it!) so cute that childrens friendship bonds are also formed



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