Monday 24 August 2015

My Week At A Glance 17/08 - 21/08

This week has been just what we needed - chilled and relaxed with some fun thrown in.
On Monday we enjoyed a trip to Westonbirt. My friend was poorly so I said I would look after her little girl so she could get some rest. All three loved running around and we spent 5 hours there!! Couldn't quite believe it when I looked at my watch and it was 4pm.
Tuesday saw us spend the day with my old school friend. She has two boys like me and after they got on so well last week we organised another play date. Again they enjoyed themselves and there was lots of play fights - which is what boys do!! I then headed to the gym to burn off all the chocolate I plan to eat at the weekend with it being my birthday.
Well Wednesday was a total washout weather wise. We had a friend over for lunch with her children so at least the boys were entertained while we sipped tea and ate cake. They must have been so worn out from the playing they both fell asleep in the afternoon.
We needed to get out the house so on Thursday we headed in to town for some lunch with another friend and a play in the park. We took the bus home which the boys loved! I'll be writing about our bus trip next week.
To end the week we headed to Westonbirt again, but this time with a fully recovered best friend which I had missed all week! We also met my sister in law and nephew. Seeing all the children play was lovely. We found the new Gruffallo's Child and I obviously had to have a selfie.

I'm all refreshed now for my birthday weekend - yay!
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  1. How exciting it's your birthday! My hubby's b'day is today 24 August and we are celebrating with a tropical get away which we are loving, before I have to go home and pack up our house for moving (not thinking about that)! Love your selfie photo!!!! Thanks for sharing your week with me #mummyandus

  2. Hope you had a fab Birthday weekend. Such a busy week! I have promised Oliver that I will take him on the bus into town, i just need a day when it won't be raining!
    Becky xx
    Popping over from #HappyDays

  3. Sounds like a great week! Happy birthday! x #HappyDaysLinky

  4. We love the Gruffalo here. We went on the Gruffalo trail but have not managed to get to the Gruffalo's Child one yet x #TWTWC

  5. The pics of them are so gorgeous! You manage to fit a lot in lovely. I hope your birthday weekend was ace! xx #mummyandus

  6. I hope you had an amazing birthday weekend!!! Your pictures are beautiful! It sounds like a great week! #mummy&us

  7. Westonbrit sounds lovely. The gruffalo photo is great #TWTWC

  8. A nice chilled out week every now and again is good for the soul! :)

    Have a great birthday!! :)


    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  9. Chilled with fun sounds perfect! Thanks for sharing in #HappyDaysLinky x



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