Monday 5 October 2015

The Boys Dream Home - Made Out Of Cardboard

I was contacted recently to see if me and the boys would be interested in taking part in a competition with Ocean Finance to design their dream home. There was no specifications on what the house has to look like, all I needed to do was to let the boys imagination run wild and see what kind of house they would design.
They kindly sent us a white Kid-Eco cardboard playhouse to let the boys imagination run wild.
Time seems to have flown by and today is the last day of the competition so I set the boys to work this morning. I am not going to sugar coat it but I hate messy play! I can deal with colouring in with pens, pencils and chalk but when it comes to paint, it brings me out in hot sweats. But the only way to let the boys design this house was to give them all the options to decorate it and they obviously had to chose paint.
So at 8am this morning while all still in our pyjamas I set out the paints and set them to work. Now at 2 & 4 I don't think they have much of a concept of a dream home but their imagination is incredible.

I don't think they had any set design in mind, they just wanted to paint and make as much mess as possible, but they had the most fun doing it. I am pretty impressed with the finished product of the first two sides of the house, it is bright and eye catching and if I was 2 or 4 this would be the house I would chose, not too sure how much it would get valued at though!

We then left the paint to dry while we ate our breakfast then visited a friends house and when we arrived home the paint was dry. Now it was onto the other two sides. They had asked to colour these two in which I was a lot happier about. I didn't have much input into the painting sides but this time I thought I would give them a helping hand (take one side for myself).

There is grass, a rose bush growing up the side of the house and some birds (they are blue). As you can tell I didn't do well at art in school and I certainly didn't take it at GCSE or A-level but I don't think I did too bad lol.

Now the boys side is a lot funkier and it has a wide selection of things they have decorated it with, I'll take you through and describe them all.

Again a little help was had by me but it was all their input and I just drew what they wanted me to.

First off the house needed a number and Finley decided that he wanted it to be number 25.

Half the side is multi coloured bricks, bright and eye catching with some added scribbles on top.

We have sweeties on the roof because all 4 year olds want the roof of their house to have sweets all over, and some dinosaur stickers.

The final section is dinosaur sticks and lots of drawing and colouring from my 2 year old!

Now here is the finished product in all its glory:

This house is now a home for all the toys in our house - oh the joys of have toddlers!!

Wish us luck!

Run Jump Scrap!


  1. What a fab opportunity! My son would have loved this when he was small, in fact he still would. I love seeing children use their imaginations because they are so brilliant at it. They did a fab job! x

  2. This is so brilliant hun! I was asked to do this but turned it down as thought the gremlin was a bit young but I so should have done it!! haha. You all did a great job and it looks so fun. I do like your artwork. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst and see you soon xx

  3. They (and you) did a brilliant job! It looks fantastic! Your side was really good, seriously #bestandworst

  4. What a FUN project. I'm so glad you put aside your mess aversion and let them enjoy the paint. Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.



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