Sunday 4 October 2015

Where Am I Going?

I'm not too sure if it's the week I have had off from blogging which has given me time to think but I am starting to question what I want from this blog. Don't get me wrong I love blogging and I love the whole blogging community but I think before we went away I got a little lost in this world.
I was writing posts for the sake of it so that I had a post going live everyday and this isn't why I started my blog. I have just written a post which is sat in my drafts about our week in Disneyland but I really am undecided if I want to press publish.
I am not sure why but I have a funny feeling sitting in the pit of my stomach about it. Am I publishing too much personal stuff about our family life? I think it may be the photos but the whole Disney experience was an incredible one but feels very personal to us. I am happy to show the odd photo here and there but I am uneasy about sharing our whole experience as it was special to just us 4. There isn't many times we get to do something just us 4 and this was such a precious time celebrating Finley turning 4 that I'm feeling I want to keep it to ourselves. This may sound completely ridiculous as I write a blog which surly that's what we do, so what has made me feel like this?
The answer to that is I really don't know.
I feel like I was spending far to much time blogging before we went away, I was tweeting, writing posts and sharing posts from my linky every day. I was feeling pressure to keep my presence known and I think I was becoming impersonal and this is not what I want.
I have posts scheduled and I may still publish these but where do I go from here? Another question where the answer is unknown.
I have lost my want to share our little adventures with the world and I hate it as I love writing about them and I love reading all the comments I receive and the engagements that I get.
Maybe its the holiday blues that have taken over for a while and I hope I will be back soon but I think I need to take a break as I'm not enjoying writing what I want to write. I am feeling pressure to write and I don't like this at all.
Has anyone else felt like this? Unsure on where they are going with their blog? If what they are writing is what they want to write?
I'm feeling a little lost in myself as well so maybe I need to take a step back and concentrate on getting whatever is making me feel like this right.
I will be back - I promise.

And then the fun began...


  1. Best of luck with whatever you decide lovely. I've been here before with so many things in life, and stepping back to gain perspective always helps xx

  2. I think we all have moments like this and the best thing is to take a bit of a break, and as Renee says, get some perspective on it all. You may come back all guns blazing, or you may decide to stay away. Ultimately though, you have to do what is right for you x #truthabout

  3. I've read so many posts like this over the last two years Kirsty and I've experienced it myself as well to an extent. For me though I feel like I have been forced to rein back more through circumstance - life changes - your kids start school/pre-school, you may change a part time working pattern, your partner might open up and tell you they feel you are too wrapped up in your blog - any of those things can make you take a step back. I think that Renee and Sara are right though, trust your instincts, try out a more laid back blogging schedule and less personal stuff and see if you still feel the same way. Thanks so much for linking up to #thetruthabout Xx

  4. We've all been there. Sometimes blogging can feel like a chore, sometimes it feels like just another thing on the to do list. But can you imagine life without it? I can't! Good luck with whatever you decide xx

  5. Good luck with what you plan to do xx

  6. Best of luck deciding. It's definitely a fine line between wanting to preserve some of your privacy and just basically being your own paparazzi broadcasting your every move for people you may not even know. I hope you arrive at a decision that feels right for you. There are all different kinds of blogs and I'm sure you'll figure out what kind you want yours to be.

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