Saturday 22 October 2016

Transformer - Power Surge Optimus Prime - Review

Robots and vehicles, two of a little boys favourite things, so combine the two and you get a little boys dream - The Transformer! On unboxing the Power Surge Optimus Prime the squeals of the boys were brilliant and they couldn't wait to get it out of the box and try it out. In Finley's words 'Just what I wanted!'

The Transformer was easy to get out of the packaging which is always a good start because one of my pet hates with children's toys is the amount of packaging and how it is secured in the box. This was unleached rather quickly and the boys got their hands on it and wanted to turn it into a lorry.

This is where we hit a bit of a snag as Mummy isn't that great at these sorts of things and I didn't really understand the instructions. The boys and I tried but we were unable to turn it into a lorry but they were still happy to play with it as the robot. With its sword, flashing lights and sounds it was the ultimate toy for my two and was hours of fun.

A few days later we had my father in law round and I thought what better person to turn it into a lorry than him, and he did. With no instructions he turned it into the lorry from the robot but he did say that it was a little tricky and the joints were a little stiff, which I have put down to it being new and not being used before. The Transformer can do so many things and the boys really enjoyed figuring out all of those things. They have since turned it back into a robot and I have figured out how to get it back to a lorry.

The flashing lights and sounds were a big hit with the boys and it has had lots of playing with and is sat pride of place on a chair in Finley's bedroom, ready to be played with next time.

I think the 5+ age label on the toy is the right age as it is very fiddly and needs a bit of concentration. The price for the Transformer is £49.99 in Smyths (at the time of publish). 

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