Monday 31 August 2015

Me & Mine ~ August

Mummy is loving:

*Enjoying everyday with boys during the summer holidays
*Walks at Westonbirt, be it rain or shine
*Evenings with our best friends eating, drinking & laughing
*Planning our trip to Disneyland Paris
*A cinema trip with Finley to watch Minions

Daddy is loving:

*The football season starting
*Family days out at the weekend
*Eating all of Mummy's birthday chocolate
*Playing golf after work while it is still light
*Clothes shopping (for himself!)

Finley is loving:

*Lots of days in the park
*Playing chase with Noah
*Finding the Gruffallo's Child at Westonbirt
*Watching Paw Patrol and Team UmiZoomi during chill time
*Learning to do the zip up on his coat

Noah is loving:

*His new Minions lunchbox ready for preschool
*Building tracks with VTech
*His new gro-clock which lets Mummy & Daddy sleep until 7!
*Learning from his older brother
*Having Finley home everyday for the summer holidays

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REVIEW & COMPETITION - Crabbkins Nappy Pouch & Wet Wipe Pouch

I was pretty excited when Crabbkins approached me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing some of their products and running a competition. I had looked on their website after they tweeted me and I loved their products.

A lot of what they do like dummy strings, changing mat in a pouch and cot bumpers aren't relevant to us as the boys are not 2 & nearly 4, even though I wish I did have a use for them as they are gorgeous. But what they asked us to review were their wet wipe and nappy pouches.


I got to choose which fabric I would like, and they have many to chose from. You can also choose to have lace around the trim. There are 8 different fabrics so it was a hard decision but the one I went for was purple mini flower. You can browse their fabrics here. I sent my address to them and they arrived 2 working days later! Very fast postage.

They arrived and were packaged beautifully. I opened them up and they are great. They're both lined with a waterproof lining which is great to make sure the fabric doesn't get ruined.

I couldn't wait to get using them and see if my nappies and wipes fitted in them, and they did. We use both Aldi and Sainsbury's wet wipes and both fit nicely into the wet wipe pouches.

The wet wipe pouches look great around the house and they make finding the wet wipes easier as if were all honest, when we need wet wipes we can never seem to find them!

The nappy pouches hold 2/3 nappies. We again us both Aldi and Sainsbury's own brands which fit lovely in there. We use size 6, one of the larger sizes, so I would expect the smaller the nappy the more you could fit in. The pouch fit lovely into the changing bag. I love them as when I'm out and about I sometimes don't take the whole bag in with me. So having the nappies in the pouch look a lot nicer than walking around with nappies in hand. This also goes for the wet wipe pouch.

The nappy pouch has a button and ribbon to hold the nappies in so you don't lose them when its rocking around or upside down in your bag.

They retail on their website at £10 each or £17.50 for a set. I think this is a very reasonable price for the quality of the product you are getting. Postage is via Royal Mail and is £3.

The quality of the fabric is excellent and the stitching is perfect!

I love these and would totally recommend them as a little luxury when it comes to nappy changing. The wet wipe pouch will always come in handy as we will always need wet wipes, but when Noah is potty trained I am sure I can find a use for the nappy pouch.

You can find Crabbkins on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Would you like to win a nappy or wet wipe pouch? Crabbkins have kindly asked me to run a completion in which 4 lucky people will win either a nappy pouch or wet wipe pouch.
Simply enter via the rafflecopter below! Good luck! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions

UK residents only
Winners will be chosen at random via rafflecopter
There will be 4 winners, 2 who win a nappy pouch and 2 who win a wet wipe pouch
Competition starts at 12am on 31/08/15 and ends 12am on 07/09/15
The winners will be announced within seven days of the competition closing
The winners have 28 days to claim their prize. If the winners fail to claim their prize within 28 days an alternative winner will be chosen
Winners are to email Crabbkins with their address and which fabric they would like -

*I was sent a Wet Wipe Pouch and a Nappy Pouch for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions are 100% my own.*
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Sunday 30 August 2015

An Afternoon With My Dad, Their Grampy

My parents split up about 8 years ago and have been divorced for about 6. They now both how new partners which make them so happy and they are much happier people. Its sad to say but at the same time lovely to see. I see people with their parents still together and having holidays together and days out and I do envy them. I do sometimes wish I could have that but then I think back to how my parent were. They weren't happy. And that is not what I would want for them. They both laugh now and they have that sparkle in their face, and it makes me happy.

The boys are pretty lucky to have 3 sets of grandparents. It means 3 birthday presents, 3 Christmas presents and the love from 6 people rather than 4. They are lucky boys.

I don't see my Dad enough. There is no reason for this we are all just so busy. And him living about an hour away makes it a little harder to just pop in. He is busy and so are we.

But today we spent the afternoon with my dad and his partner. They boys laughed, they laughed, we laughed and I am now sat here so happy as it was an incredible afternoon. I am so thankful that his partner has taken us in and treats us as her own children and our boys as her own grandchildren. They play with them and make them giggle, and the boys look up to them.

We had a bbq, the adults drank wine (minus my hubby who was driving) and the boys ate their own body weight in food. But they were happy so what does it matter every once in a while.

After the bbq Dad got out the water bombs he had got for the boys. I wasn't sure how they were going to go down - it was amazing!! The boys were so excited throwing balloons that burst with water. I threw them at my Dad which had the boys in fits of laughter.

We did have one casualty!!

Then the hubby threw one at me! But as I was so high on the boys laughter I didn't care. We played for a good hour with the water bombs. The boys ended up running around in just their wellies. The joy in their voice and on their face was one I will cherish. Noah ran to my dad to protect him from the water bombs and that moment right there melted my heart.

The last bomb was thrown and into the shower the boys jumped. Once warm, dry and into their pyjamas they spent their last hour running around in circles through the kitchen and the living room.

6 o clock came and the boys asked for milk. Milk consumed and tea drank by us we loaded up the car and were heading home.

Both boys tucked up in bed, I sit here happy. Happy for the day I spent with my Dad and his partner, and for the day the boys got to spend with their grampy. To build a bond that is so strong and a bond that will never be broken.

I need to see Dad more and I will make more of an effort. I remember my younger years with my grandparents and my bond with my Nan, and my Gramp before he sadly passed away, is so strong that is what I want for the boys.

I love you Dad.

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Saturday 29 August 2015

My Week At A Glance 22/08 - 28/08

Another week and the last of the summer holidays. Back to preschool next week. Not sure how I am feeling about this. Yes it has been stressful but I love having them both at home.

I kick started the week with it being my birthday. What better way to start a week!

So Saturday was my birthday, I was woken up with cake and singing - what more could a mummy want! We then enjoyed a lovely lunch and play at the new Brewers Fayre soft play, we were joined by my Mum and Nan. Then the hubby and I enjoyed a few hours at the pub having a quiet drink while Mum took the boys food shopping. Then the evening was full of laughs, drink and food with our best friends. My friend got me my favourite flowers which are still brightening up our kitchen.

Sunday was a day full of parties. No photos here as it was a manic day but we started it off with Finley enjoying soft play for his pre school friends birthday. We then travelled down to see family in Bournemouth and to celebrate our nieces birthday. It was so lovely to have all the family together and to see all the kids playing.

Monday I was treated to lunch made by my friends husband, as she was working and we had a viewing. Monday was a nice chill out day after such a hectic weekend.

On Tuesday I think I lost my mind and took the boys to the new soft play we had gone to on Saturday. It was manic and way too busy. I think we are going to try it out again once the schools are back.

Wednesday we enjoyed a shopping trip with my sister in law for some much needed trousers for Finley. He seems to have had a growth spurt and all his trousers are too short!

On Thursday we popped into town. We walked and then bussed it back again. We met a fellow local blogger in the park, which was lovely to talk blog with someone who talks our language. We unfortunately got caught in the rain but the boys thought it was so funny!

To end the week we enjoyed a trip to westonbirt with some friends. It again was such a lovely day with lots of giggles. Noah decided to jump in the biggest muddy puddle he could find, we dressed up baby in my sunglasses and Finley did some tree climbing!

Here's to the bank holiday weekend.

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Just Another Linky #18

Wow thank you! What an amazing turn out last week. I loved reading each and every one of your posts and hope to see you all back this week.

I am now 28 years and 1 week old! I had an amazing birthday and now looking forward to planning Finley's 4th Birthday in September where we are off to Disneyland Paris to celebrate.

So onto the linky.

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Friday 28 August 2015

REVIEW - 'Spot A Lot Vehicles' Storybook & Jigsaw From Parragon Books

I was thrilled when I was asked by Parragon Books to be one of their Book Buddies after meeting them at BritMums. We are all lovers of books in this house especially the boys. We read two books a night while they are drinking their milk in bed.
So when our first book landed on the mat this morning we were thrilled that it was Spot A Lot: Vehicle Jigsaw which was a story book and jigsaw as my boys are big lovers of jigsaws too!

Here's the description of the book sent to me by Parragon books:
The delivery truck has broken down, but the parcel needs to get to town. Follow the deliveryman on his vehicle adventure! Look very carefully to count and spot the different vehicles on every page. A bright and busy book to keep you and your little one searching, spotting, reading and counting together again and again! READ the storybook, then PLAY with the jigsaw puzzle! Once you've completed your jigsaw, turn it over and colour it in! This cute, compact boxset with carry-along handle is ideal for journeys, holidays, rainy days – and every other kind of day!

Spot A Lot: Vehicles Jigsaw is available at:
Easons, Matalan, TK Maxx and The Works.

The book and puzzle comes in a box which is sealed with Velcro. This is fab as you can keep the book and puzzle together - and keep the puzzle all in one place. It is a very sturdy box and has a little handle for little hands to carry it around.
The boys were so excited so we sat down and read the book together. It is a great book as it is more than just a story book, you get to interact with them. So rather than us sitting there and me reading the book we got to go through it together finding all the different things that the book asks us to. There are lot of funny things on each page that made the boys laugh, one being the dog wearing a hat umbrella.

We also ended up doing all the vehicle sounds as we went through the book.
Once we finished the book it was straight onto the puzzle. The boys couldn't wait and we all got down on the floor and started to figure out the puzzle. Finley knows how to do puzzles whereas Noah loves to do them but doesn't quite get the concept and puts pieces everywhere. But he is pleased with himself on every piece he places. But with a little prompting and help from Daddy we managed to do the puzzle. The puzzle has 30 pieces, just the perfect amount for Finley.

The puzzle is bright and has loads to point out during making the puzzle and afterwards. Then once you have completed it you can turn it over and colour it in. I will leave this one for Finley to do as I think Noah may just scribble all over it. This is on our to do list tomorrow during Noah's nap.
It is such a great set that I would recommend to any parent of a child that loves vehicles. It is well illustrated and has such bright colours.

The whole interaction of it is brilliant and just what you want in a book for a 2 & nearly 4 year old. There was no time to get bored as there was just more and more to find.
You can follow Parragon Books on:
Facebook - Parragon Books
Twitter - @parragonbooks
Instagram - @parragonbooks
Pinterest - parragonbooks
*I received this product from the publisher for free. However, they have not paid me for this review, and they do not exercise any editorial control over my review or anything else on this site.*
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