Thursday, 20 October 2016

We Survived The First Half Term

I can not quite believe that it was 7 weeks ago that we waved Finley off to Primary school for the first, for his first day in reception class. The time has flown but it also only seems like yesterday and he has already come on leaps and bounds. We are all so ready for some family down time and to just chill out for 10 days, sit in our pyjamas until 1pm and eat boiled egg for breakfast (as this is pretty impossible to do on a school morning!).

The past 7 weeks have been a huge learning curve for me and it has taken us a lot of organising to get our routine sorted and for me to get used to the new attitude Finley has brought home. With this in mind I wanted to congratulate myself, and other parents, on surviving the first term, be it the first year in reception or back to school after the summer.

We survived......

The daily struggle to get our children dressed! Every morning, yes EVERY morning, I get the same response and throw himself on the floor ordeal when asked to get dressed.

The very first day of school. It was emotional all round but we made it through and now that seems a life time away.

The endless ParentMail emails and notifications.

Donations for dress down days, activities during the school day and general fee's that come with school.

Dress up days! We have just had one of these and I may have gone over the top but I was pretty impressed with my effort, haha!

The before school rush to get out the door. Even though we live literally just across the road from the school I still find myself turning into sergeant major with the orders of 'shoes', 'coat', 'bag'!

The attitude! This has got progressively worse as the half term has approached with the tiredness kicking in, for both of us, and the mental tiredness taking it toll. I have been shouted at, moaned at and basically talked to like a piece of rubbish. Fun times!

The settling in times for the first few weeks. For us we had 3 weeks of these and there was lots of jiggling about and getting to and from places.

The very first parents evening. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect but it went well and to be told Finley was very well behaved and that during story time he sits very still was brilliant to hear. As long as he is being good at school I can take the attitude at home.

Not having a clue what they actually did that day. I honestly can say most days I know about 5 minutes of Finley's day because he either won't tell me or is far to busy once home to tell me.

The homework responsibility. Finley hasn't been bringing much home but there are a few things to do at home and the weight of that is huge. After going to the parents information evening I feel I want to do my very best at home without over loading him after a long day.

Making new friends. This has to be one of the things that I was really worried about when Finley started. I worried that I would be in the playground on my own with no one to talk to but in no way did that happen. Everyone was so friendly!

The time between home time and tea time, and then tea time and bed time. This time has been a strange one to negotiate as they are mentally tired but still want to bounce of the walls and it's not enough time to actually do something proper.

The first term!! High five to you all as we made it. Now lets chill out for a week before the mayhem of the Christmas term starts, cheers!!

Monday, 10 October 2016

New Territory - Homework

Granted, they don't get much homework in reception class that they are required to do every day but they do have a little bag of 'goodies' to aid their learning and to help support what they are doing at school, at home. In the bag Finley has come home with is some reading books, laminated activity sheets to aid them in their writing and some activity sheets on the letters that they are learning at school.

The books that are coming home at the moment don't have words in as they are teaching them to study the pages as this is a great starting block for them to help with their reading. They have said that when children struggle with words they will search the pages for clues so if we start off with this they are building a great starting block. Finley loves listening to books before bedtime but has never shown any interest in reading them himself, until now. Since he started school he has been picking up books and making up the story from memory and from the pictures, a huge development leap I feel.

We were told not to push homework as they want learning to be fun so I tried to read with Finley one evening after tea and he really wasn't that interested. I didn't want to push it as he was tired and had been at school all day. so we put the books away and I said we would try another day. The next morning he woke up and once he was ready for school wanted to read his book, which I was very pleased to oblige with so we sat down and he read us the story. I had seen from his reading record book that he had already read this book and he read it to us with ease. He knew from the pictures and memory what the gist of the story was and read it brilliantly to us.

The next day he was very keen to do some more work from his folder so we got out the laminate card with his name on and he wrote this by following the arrows and numbers to show him how to write his letters properly. He was then very keen to do his numbers so I got the laminated card out for this and we went through this together.

He has also since read the other book which after I described the story from the pictures, he from memory did the say.

All if these have been in the morning once he is dressed and ready for school. This seems to be the time he is more interested in it and will engage in the activity properly. I make sure the television is off and there are no distractions. I also praise him for every little things he does as I feel this will make him want to learn more and for me at the age of 5 everything they do learn is huge for them!

This is all new territory for me and the prospect of homework fills me with dread but at the moment things are going great. When it comes to homework I don't want to interfere too much and I also want to help, I think I am going to have to find the balance between the two as we go on.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Furby Connect - Review

If there was one toy as a child that I can remember, that would be the Furby. My brother and I had hours of fun with our Furby's and back in those days they were your simple furry creature that you could cuddle and feed. When I was told a Furby Connect was on it's way to me I was just as excited about trying it out as I was about Finley and Noah getting to enjoy the Furby as I did years ago. Our Furby Connect arrived and I couldn't wait to unbox it. I have to admit that I waited for the boys to be in bed to set it up, just so that I could get to grips with it before they played with it. Because as everyone with small children knows, children don't wait and children do not want to read instructions!

The Furby needed 4 AA batteries which we had in the draw and as soon as they were in, the Furby came to life and I was able to have a play. I fed and tickled him as I waited for the Furby Connect World app to download on our iPad. I spent the evening figuring out just what the Furby does and how it works with the app. The first time you go into the app, as the Furby is Bluetooth you will need to connect the two via Bluetooth so they can work together. Once connected you will name your Furby, each name has a meaning so you can choose one that you think suits your Furby best.

Once the app had launched and the Furby was connected to the app I started exploring the app to see what it did. When you have both the Furby and app on, whatever you do on the app the Furby will interact with it. As you go around the app you collect Furblings which will help you collect things to help you play the game such as medicine to make the Furby's better and food. The more you play with the app, the more Furblings you will hatch and the more things will open up for you to play with.

Once I had sussed out the Furby and how it worked with the app, I let the boys have a play with him and they absolutely love him! Finley who is 5 understands a little more about what the Furby does and that you can play with it with the app. Noah just loves the cuddliness of him and also that he would talk when you put your finger in his mouth.

Furby Connect comes with a sleep mask that you put over his eyes and it will make him go to sleep when he isn't being used, I love this idea and it's great for when I don't want to boys to be playing with him as I have said when Furby is asleep we leave him alone.

We opened up the app and woke Furby up so that we could start playing with them together. The one thing that the boys found hilarious is that you help the Furby do a poo! The Furby will tell you when it needs the toilet, by saying it or making a sound which the boys instantly knew he needed the toilet lol, so you head over to the toilet in the app. As the Furby has Bluetooth enabled it knows when the Furby is near the iPad so it asks you to hold it over the toilet and help him poo. For my two boys this was hilarious and they had such fun doing this. Once Furby has done a poo you will flush the toilet and then get back on with the game. The other thing Finley liked to do was to use the food canon to shoot food at the Furby. If food got stuck he would be asked to help Furby which is a great way to interact between the Furby and the app.

The Furblings will be walking around the app and you will use them to collect things, as well as you need to make sure they are all ok. Sometimes they will be hungry, they might need cleaning or sometimes they might be sick but you can help them with the things that you have collected while playing the game. We have only been playing with it for a day so we still have a lot to learn. There is a TV screen in the centre of the app which enables you to watch videos with your Furby. Finley & Noah loved doing this as they are big YouTube fans and I loved this as the app will find child appropriate videos for them to choose from and while the video is on the Furby will interact with the children. As well as YouTube videos there is a Furby music video which the Furby will dance and sing too which Finley and Noah joined in with too.

The Furby has hours of fun in it and there is so much to do with it. The more you do with it the more the Furby will learn. The brilliant thing is that you can also play with the Furby even when the app isn't open so it is like a little friend for the boys. As the Furby talks it will wriggle it's ears and wriggle from side to side. The light on the top of its head will flash when there is something new to do in the app or one of the Furblings is ready for you to go and collect something.

I was mesmerised by the eyes as because they are computerised they are so life like and it also meant that they can do so many things. The brilliant things about the Furby being Bluetooth enabled is that it can be updated regularly with new and exciting things. The app is also brilliant as it is always evolving and there are new things on there everyday so they boys aren't going to get bored of it, it is also a brilliant thing for me to help them with!

* We were kindly sent Furby Connect to review. All opinions are 100% my own.*

Sunday, 2 October 2016

A Beautiful Edition To Our New Home From Bertie & Jack

I have long admired beautiful artwork pieces on market stalls and on NotOnTheHighstreet, which I have since learnt are called swatches, but have never actual purchased one. I have never been too sure what I would go for and they in my eyes are more of a gift you would buy for someone rather than purchasing one for yourself.

So, when I was contacted my Bertie & Jack and asked if I would like to review one of their pieces I literally jumped for joy as they are stunning! While looking for the design and swatch that I was going to go for I also had a look at what Bertie and Jack were all about and their story is brilliant, take a look here. We have recently moved into a new house and we are slowly getting things to brighten up the walls and I found the perfect one for our bedroom. There are so many different designs to chose from that there will be one for everyone and then there are also so many different swatches for the background. Take a peek here at some of their gorgeous designs.

The design I went for was Love In The Air which is two giraffes. The reason I went for this one is because I LOVE giraffes, they are my favourite animal, and I thought the design with the heart in the middle would be lovely for our bedroom. Then to decide on the swatch. This took some time as they are all beautiful and I wanted to find one that would go with our bedroom colours. The swatch I decided on was Fab in Floral (Mint) as this was the one I knew would look perfect in our bedroom.

It arrived a few days later and it is stunning! It came straight out of the box, onto the wall in our bedroom and fits in perfectly. The concept of it is so simple yet so brilliant that it looks a million dollars on the wall. You also get the option to personalise it and I went for our wedding date in the corner.

The service I received was brilliant and it was delivered in mega quick time. If you want to treat yourself or have a gift to buy I would totally recommend one of these are the are beaustiful and the personalision makes it that bit more special. Prices start at just £18.50.

* I was kindly sent this product free of charge to review. All opinions are 100% my own. *

Friday, 30 September 2016

Every Boy Loves A Nerf Blaster - Here Is The Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster

My boys love anything that you can shoot which is why when I was offered the chance to review the Nerf Hyperfire I couldn't wait to try it out with the boys. This will be the first Nerf blaster that they have had and the excitement on their faces when I got it out of the box was incredible! The blaster needs 4 D size batteries so we couldn't use it straight away but as soon as the batteries had been purchased they were straight onto us to get them in and get the blaster started.

This blaster is incredible and I think Mr C & I had lots of fun with it as well as the boys. We took it into the garden and decided to shoot it against the wall as this was the safest place with my two boys, the power of the blaster is brilliant. It shoots 5 darts per second and holds 25 darts, the blaster can shoot the darts up to 90 feet which was great fun. The blaster is on the large size so as the boys are both a little younger we had to help them but lots of fun was still had.

To get the blaster to shoot you have to hold down two buttons, the acceleration and trigger, and this allows the rapid-fire action to begin. It is really easy to set the blaster back up to start again, which we did again and again so that both boys could have a good go with it. To do this all you have to do is take out the drum which holds the darts and load them up and input the drum back into the blaster.

The blaster is retailing at £49.99 in Toys R Us but currently at the time of publishing this post they had a £10 discount on the blaster.

* We were kindly sent this product to review and all opinions are 100% my own. *

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Gorgeous Pyjamas from Sleepy Doe - Review

With Autumn slowly creeping upon us this means that temperatures are dropping and night times are getting cooler. The boys have been in their shorts and t-shirt pyjamas since April and it is finally getting that bit cooler which means we get to put them in their winter pyjamas. And I have to say I love it! I love seeing them all snuggly in their cosy pyjamas and what better pyjamas than to have ones by Sleepy Doe. Their pyjamas are gorgeous and when they arrived I couldn't wait for Finley to try them on.

And this weekend was the time to bring out the autumn/winter nightwear for us all. Finley was pretty excited to get them on and was ready to pose as soon as they were on, definitely a bloggers son!!

The pyjamas which we were sent were the Tiny Moons design and they are stunning, and I wish they had them in my size. The first thing I thought when I unpacked them was how soft they were, and that is because they are 100% cotton. The design is just so simple yet so beautiful as they are white with black stars and moons on.

We went for a size 5-6 so that Finley has plenty of growing room in them and he has plenty, so I really do hope he will be wearing them for some time to come. Finley said they felt soft & comfy and couldn't wait to get into bed to really try them out, they get a big thumbs up from Finley and myself!

* We were kindly sent some Sleepy Doe pyjamas to review and all opinions are 100% my own, and Finley's. *

Monday, 26 September 2016

British Military Fitness Goodie Bag Giveaway

September has previously to be referred to as the 'month of the slump' with the summer being over and back to school happening. But British Military Fitness have done a recent survey which reveals that September is actually the month in which people are more likely to take up a new hobby, you can read their research here.

As most of my readers will know I am really into my fitness, running in particular, and this for me has made me feel better about myself and has really helped with my self esteem. British Military Fitness has kindly offered one lucky reader the chance to WIN a goodie bag full of goodies to help kick start their fitness journey. As well as the goody bag they are offering all my readers, who are not already BMF members, a two week free pass to their nearest BMF location. If you would like to give this a go please get in contact and I can let you know how you can get this awesome deal! Terms and conditions for this offer are at the bottom of this blog post.

For your chance to WIN a goodie bag all you have to do is enter via the rafflecopter link below. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Competiton terms and conditions
UK residents only.
A winner will be chosen at random via rafflecopter.
There will be one winner.
Competition starts at 12am on 26/09/16 and ends 12am on 02/10/16.
The winner will be announced within 2 days of the competition closing.
The winner has 7 days to claim their prize. If the winner fails to claim their prize within 7 days an alternative winner will be chosen.

Terms and Conditions for the two week free pass
1. This offer entitles the participant to an unlimited amount of British Military Fitness (BMF) classes for fourteen (14) consecutive days for free at a venue of the participants’ choice. For venues visit, Two week complimentary BMF memberships  can only be redeemed by completing an online sign up form prior to attending a class and entering the relevant promotion code. To redeem this offer visit registration  form

2. The 14 days of free training commences from the day of registration on the BMF website.
3. This offer expires on 31st December 2016 after which promotion code holder will be unable to apply complimentary membership.
4. This offer is limited to one promotional code per person.
5. Promotion codes cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash.
6. Participants must be 16 years or over.
7. Promotion codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
8. This offer is not available to current BMF members or individuals that have previously attended BMF.
9. BMF have the right to withdraw this offer at any time without notice.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

A Little Bit Of Me

Running has become a part of me. It's where I can let off steam from a bad day, I can talk to my running buddy about random things I need to get off my chest and it's my half an hour of the day where I can just have time for me. I have been running for over two years now and since the start of the year I have been going out on an average of 4 times a week, so it is part of my routine.

That was until last Sunday when I got injured. I don't think it happened on Sunday, I think it's an injury that has been coming on for a while but I was just hoping that it would go away. It didn't and come Monday morning I was struggling to walk without limping. I knew there was something wrong and I knew I needed to get it checked.

I took myself off to A&E where I was told that my Achilles tendon was inflamed and that I was going to have to rest it for a while. I was gutted and made my way back to the car in tears knowing that I would have to cancel my half marathon, that should have been today, and as I knew I wouldn't be running for a while. This may sound really silly to some but running has become, as I said, a part of me and I just didn't know what to do with myself.

Then on Wednesday I took myself off to the doctors as my heal was also hurting. This was where I was told my Plantar Fasciitis was also inflamed and I would be out of action for a good few weeks. I think I went as I just needed a second opinion, a little part of me was hoping I would be given a few tablets to help with the pain and told I could run, no such luck. I was given anti inflammatory tablets to help with the swelling and told to rest. On asking if I could swim I was told this was a good idea which made me feel a little happier.

But swimming isn't as easy as going out for a run. You need the pool to be open and with lane swimming on. And if I am honest it is pretty boring. But saying this I have been a couple of times and it has made me feel a little bit better.

I have been in a bit of a grump since Monday and I know it's because I can't run and I know how silly it sounds as there is nothing I can do about it. I know if I had carried on I would have caused more damage but it is oh so frustrating and gutting that I can't run. I feel that a part of me has been taken away temporarily and I don't know what to do with myself. I have missed the running group for one week and that was horrible. For me it is also about the social aspect of running and the feel good factor running brings.

I will be back, and I know I will be strong but right now I don't feel strong, I feel pretty down.


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