Thursday, 1 December 2016

Christmas Is My Favourite Time Of Year

We are finally here, December 1st 2016 and I honestly couldn't be more excited! I have always loved Christmas, even before we had the boys, but since they came into our lives it has been so much more special and it has made the meaning of Christmas a lot more meaningful. The 1st December also means the arrival of Sausage the Elf - which is when the boys really know Christmas is on it's way.

They are both at such a lovely age this year that they are both understanding Christmas as they can really get into the Christmas spirit with us, also the bribery of Father Christmas watching is a brilliant one - I love December!

This year is also extra special because it is going to be our first Christmas in our new house and we are also spending it here with family. We get to wake up on Christmas morning and not worry about travelling but still know that we have loved ones around us to spend the day with. We are also close enough to Mr C's family that we can just walk up the road after lunch and celebrate with them too. This Christmas has been a long time coming and I couldn't be more excited.

I have finished my Christmas shopping, I know sorry, as I wanted to be able to enjoy December and all the things we have planned without having to worry about buying presents around our plans. I have been very strict this year with presents that we have for people and have made sure we stick to a strict budget, we also haven't gone mad with the boys presents as from previous years we know that it just gets too much for them. What I have done is picked the presents carefully so that I know each one will be loved and appreciated.

Our Christmas celebrations started last weekend when we went with a few friends to a local Christmas market. It was really lovely and got me into the Christmas spirit with the help of mulled wine! Our family celebrations will kick off tomorrow where we will go to our towns late night shopping event. This is pretty exciting as it will be our first one and we have heard just how magical it is, Finley has also entered a colour competition that a local business is running so finger crossed for him.

We have plans to make our own gingerbread house, visit father Christmas, go to an enchanted Christmas lights event, go ice skating along with lots of other festive activities. It is such a magical time of year and we are throwing ourselves into the spirit feet first.

Last years Father Christmas

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