Saturday 3 December 2016

The Saviours - Mummy Friends

These people are your saviours as a parent. They are the people you can moan to and be met with a 'me too' which can make your whole day that much better. They are the ones who will silently sit there while you child has the biggest tantrum in the biggest shop and not judge you, they will laugh with you about it later or put their arm around you when the tears start to flow.

Without my mummy friends I really don't know what I would have done with myself the last 5 years. They have been there in my darkest hour as a parent and they have also been there on my brightest days when parenting isn't all that bad. They don't judge me when I am having to tell off the boys for the whole day when they aren't listening or when one of the boys has done something to upset their child. They know exactly what to say when I need it and they also know when to say nothing. They will stand by my side and hold my hand when melt downs are happening and they will hug when me when I have tears of joy.

We moan together, we cry together, we shout at our children together and we drink a hell of a lot of tea together, maybe even some wine once the kidlets are in bed. The ones that you can tell how horrible your children are being and how infact you don't like them at that moment and don't judge, are the awesome ones. And the ones that tell you the same back are just friends for life!

I have mummy friends who I see almost everyday and I call them my family, and I have mummy friends who I see once in a blue moon but nothing changes. We are all each others rocks and we all understand each other. I have lost track of the amount of times that I have said sorry for the boys behaviour and my outburst, and we still get together next time, and most of the time laugh about the last time.

We have an understanding of each other and know when we can tell the others children off. Not in the sense of a real telling off but the 'um, don't think you should be doing that.' My mummy friends are there when I need a babysitter for that parents evening or that doctors appointment. I had one friend once organise for her husband to pick up her daughters from school so that she could sit with the boy so that I could go to the doctors with the most awful ear ache.

I have had some mummy friends since Finley was born and then there are the ones that I have met along the way. My very best friend is someone I met 3 years ago when Noah and her little one were very tiny. We met and hit it off instantly and now we are inseparable and she is my sane. We do things with the kids and without the kids and all I can say is, if you get in our way then goodness help you!

There are mummy's that I would now class as friends that I only met 7 weeks ago on the school playground. We talk about the kids and there isn't much else we have ventured into just yet but we have had the 'me too' conversation so they are one like me, a mummy just trying to do their best. Mummy friends are awesome and you know the true ones as they are there through the bad parenting days as well as the good.

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