Monday, 10 September 2018

Where have I been........

Wow, it seems like a long long time since I sat at the computer and wrote. I have sat at the computer lots but it has been to work which has kind of taken over the time I had before that I used to blog. The words have also not been there, I have had them in my head but I've really struggled to put thoughts to screen which I think has been one of the causes of my recent anxiety. 

I used my blog to document life but to also get the thoughts that were swirling in my head and the frustrations of parenting out. This became a struggle, I think because I was over thinking everything I wrote and wondering what people would think of me. This is one of my biggest downfalls and I am doing my best of late to not let it rule my life. I worry constantly what people will think of me and what they will think of the words I am publishing for everyone to see.

This struggle of not being able to get my thoughts out has come to a head of late and I have realised I do in fact suffer in some way with anxiety. I am hoping that starting to write again will help me deal with this. I find that I worry about everything and my heart is at a constant go fast due to this. Trying to do too much is also an awful trait of mine so I'm going to try to slow down and focus on the important need to do now things.

Life of late has been lovely, we have had holidays, millions of days out and so many memories have been made. The summer was a jam packed 6 weeks of fun, laughter and tantrums and I have to say I was sad to send them back to school, although they did drive me slightly potty. Saying that, on their first day of back to school I flew to Ibiza with my school friends so this took the pressure off slightly and I had the most amazing time.

We have also since my last personal blog post got a little Dachshund. Her name is Poppy and she has slotted right into life with us and we couldn't ever be without her now.

I'm at a crossroads in my work career that I am wondering what to do. I have a passion for social media, which I have made into my job for the past 2 years, but I am wondering if to take it one step further and make it into a business but I am still at the scared point that I wonder if anyone would want my help. Just going to see where the next few months takes me.

The boys are loving school and have settled in amazingly which means that routine can be restored which I love!

Watch this space.........

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