Sunday, 27 December 2015

Things Just Got Real

Our house has been sold now since August, but we are part of the longest chain in house sale history, I reckon, and we have yet to move.

But after a phone call last week from our estate agent, today the realisation of the fact that this is actually happening and that it is more than likely going to be in the next few weeks smacked us in the face.

Since 4pm this afternoon when I got home the hubby and I have been chatting about things that need doing and have got the moving boxes on order for collection in the morning. This time tomorrow the walls will be bare!

We have been sailing along in our own little bubble since the chain was complete, hoping it would be November and then hoping it would be before Christmas, which as you can see never happened. Nothing has been packed, we have thought about how we will do it but never actually got round to it.

Then this afternoon we realised come new year we could have weeks, to pack up our 3 bedroom house that we have lived in for 8 1/2 years. We have accumulated a lot of stuff, I am a hoarder, and lots of bits. Now my first thought has always been, where do we start?? Especially with the boys around.

This evening I tidied some puzzles, put some unboxed Christmas presents in the attic ready to be opened in the new house, filled one box with some kitchen stuff and one box with some of the boys books. I think that's a good start but my goodness we have a way to go!

Tomorrow will be the day we get serious with this packing malarkey and the day we start to clear out the alcohol cupboard I'm sure in preparation for the move. Because those bottles are going to take up space so to free up that space we have got to drink!

Here's to 2016, a new house and many more happy family memories to be made.


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