Wednesday 31 August 2016

Me & Mine ~ August 2016

Wow, what a month August has been for us, I think I am going to struggle narrowing our favourite things down to 5. We started the month with Finley in plaster after fracturing his elbow and we are ending the month with Noah in plaster after fracturing his arm! To say it hasn't been the luckiest of months would be an understatement but we have made up for it in everything else. August has been pretty epic with lots of memories made as it has been the summer holiday before Finley starts school in September. We have all had so much fun and there has been plenty of smiles even with plaster casts making an appearance in most photos, apart from this months photos as they were taken in the 1 cast free week!

Mummy is loving:

~ Her birthday and spending it with my favourite people on holiday
~ Wine nights with my best friends
~ Booking a half marathon, finally!
~ Finally getting some guinea pigs, Annie & Matilda
~ Doing the zip wire on Bournemouth beach

Daddy is loving:

~ The return of skittles, Daddy's night out!
~ Walks with the boys along the river
~ Our holiday to Weymouth
~ The arcades on holiday!
~ Family days out

Finley is loving:

~ Getting his cast off after 3 weeks
~ A horse riding party (now he wants to start horse riding!)
~ 2p machines and trying to win the sweets
~ Our little holiday at Nana & Dandan's house
~ Ice cream!!!!

Noah is loving:

~ Getting to know Annie & Matilda
~ Our holiday is Weymouth and the 2p machines
~ Spending lots of time with Finley has it is the holidays
~ His first cinema trip
~ Days out with his best friend

Annie & Matilda are loving:

~ Their new home
~ Peppers
~ Cuddles
~ Their wooden ball
~ Carrots

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