Thursday 4 August 2016

Play-Doh Town 3-in-1 Town Centre Review

In my eyes there is no better thing than Play-Doh for children to help with their creativity and their fine motor skills. With Play-Doh they can do whatever they like and make all the shapes they like in the world and then start over again. I can remember when I was young Play-Doh was literally just that with a few cutter but now there is such a huge range of products when it comes to Play-Doh it makes the playing a whole lot more fun. It also means it holds their attention for longer than 5 minutes as there is nothing worse than setting up and then them becoming uninterested and having to pack it all away. So when I was asked if we would like to review the Play-Doh Town 3-in-1 Town Centre I obviously had to say yes, it looked like so much fun!

It arrived around Noah's birthday so he thought it was a brilliant surprise present but before we got to try it our my eldest son Finley went and fractured his elbow. So after the few days of craziness of him getting used to a cast and some hospital visits it was trying to find things he could do easily with a restricted arm. Then I remembered Play-Doh Town in the cupboard. The boys had their best friend over so what better opportunity than to get it out and give it a go.

It was pretty easy to set up as the instructions were very simple and everything clicked into place. It was a bit tricky trying to put it together with three children desperate to use it but we got there in the end!

Play-Doh Town consists of a few different sections from the Clock tower to the mechanics, flower shop to the restaurant. There is also the different figures that aren't attached which are two figures that have different hats so can become a few different characters. You have a chefs hat, a florists hat and a mechanics cap. You can put the Play-Doh under these hats and give them funky hair styles and also squeeze a beard out of the mechanic.

In the mechanics you can make custom hubcaps and other bits for the car as well as squeeze some gasoline for the car. Then onto the restaurant where you can make dinners, wacky snacks and make believe desserts. There is a table which you can pull up to underneath the clock tower, press a pizza and then the table wizz's back to the end. Then its onto the florists to make some bouquets and different designs.

As you can tell there is so much to do with this set and when you have three children playing with the set they all had something to do. Yes we have the squabble over the car or the gasoline machine but that was easily resolved with the offer of something else. The set comes with 8 different colour Play-Doh so they have the choice to use whichever they want and to really let their creative flair flow.

I would totally recommend this set as it is pretty awesome for Play-Doh lovers and it holds hours of fun for all the family! The set retails at £39.99 at Toys 'R' Us and I would say totally worth it!

* We were kindly sent this to product. All opinions are 100% my own. * 

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