Monday 30 November 2015

Our A&E Trip

When Finley started moving I was told to put everything out of this reach because now nearly everything was a danger. We have had our fair few bumps and accidents with general items, falling into sofas, falling off the sofa, hitting his head on the corner of the dining table - the list goes on. But I never thought our iPad would be a danger, until yesterday when Finley dropped it on his toe. And he had no socks on.

Now this isn't something I would normally take him to A&E for but after an afternoon of him not walking on it and wailing in pain most of the day I began to think we should get it looked at. Then when he woke up 10 minutes after falling asleep screaming in pain and not being able to console him I took the decision to take him to be seen.

Unfortunately our local A&E doesn't open at the weekend so I had to drive half an hour to our nearest big hospital. As it was 8.30pm on a Sunday night I was hoping the wait wouldn't be too long and we would get seen rather quickly.

As we arrived the waiting room was rather quiet so my hopes of being seen quickly were still there. After booking in we were taken to the children's waiting area and this was were my hopes were dashed, it was rammed! But luckily they had loads of toys and Finley had perked up a little bit so was scooting round on his bum playing with the toys, as he still wouldn't put weight on his foot.

We waited about an hour to be seen. We were seen by a lovely Italian doctor who sounded like Gino D'acampo. He was fantastic with Finley and really made him feel at ease. After looking at his big toe he said it could be broken or he may just need it drained so would take him to have an x-ray. I thought we would need to wait a while but we were straight into x-ray and seen immediately. Finley was a little worried until they let him know I would be able to stay by his side while wearing a lead coat which he found hilarious!

My brave minion

After being x-rayed the lovely lady let him have two stickers which he was pleased as punch about. We were then back to see our lovely doctor to see what the x-rays had shown. On getting back to the bed the doctor came in saying he was looking for a minion, Finley found this so funny and also got very shy.

Luckily there was no break. He said he could drain it which would mean he would be able to walk on it quicker than if he left it but it was up to me. I decided it should be drained as to have someone like Finley not walking would drive us both potty.

To drain it he had to use a tiny pin in the nail which Finley wouldn't feel. The doctor kindly gave Finley his stethoscope to keep him occupied and take his mind off of it. Finley was so brave and didn't flinch so it was over within a few minutes. With a blue plaster on his toe and a blue helium balloon that the doctor kindly gave him we were off home at 10.30pm.

I can't thank the doctor enough for being so kind and putting Finley at ease. It's the small things to children that mean the biggest things and that balloon and the stickers this morning mean everything to him!

Even though it wasn't broken I am so glad that I went as he was in so much pain and when it comes to children you cant get much sense out of them when they are in a state. It put my mind at rest due to the fact he wasn't walking on it but I now know in a few days he will. Anyway follow your instincts.

So today we will be having a day at home with Mummy being Mr Finley's slave, even more than usual, and carrying him around while encouraging him to walk. And he is currently watching random people open kinder eggs on the said iPad!!

The toe!
My fuel today

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  1. Poor little man!? I bet he's sporting his war wound with pride though. It makes such a difference when the doctors and nurses are good with children doesn't it? Hope he's ok and up and about soon. Is Noah feeling better yet too? Dawn x #marvmondays

  2. Aww! Bless him! I hope he is feeling better now x

  3. Oh no poor little guy! that looks painful! So glad he's ok! :) #bestandworst x

  4. What a scare..always horrible having to go to hospital! Hope he is feeling better and you have calmed down. The Doc sounded lovely. Phew! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst and see you soon x

  5. aw what a shame! hope he feels better soon! My little boy who is 5 had been to hospital thrice already, It's horrible but I'm glad hospital staff were all nice. Well done Finley for being a brave little boy! #coolmumclub

  6. Oh my goodness that must have been scary hon - I hope your little fella gets on the mend so you can relinquish some of your slave duties soon haha! #coolmumclub xx

  7. AH - worst thing ever when they are in that much pain! - glad it wasn't anything too serious. On the plus side it sounds like you were lucky enough to have a good experience with the hospital staff etc and being seen which is a bonus! #PicknMix

  8. Owww, his toe looks sore. Hope he feels better soon. Sounds like he was a really brave boy in the hospital. It is always so much better when you have a nice doctor, isn't it? Leo was in hospital a couple months a go and the nurses were amazing.xx #picknmix

  9. Oohh no!! Bless him, hope he is walking about now!! #picknmix xx

  10. What an awful experience for you all, especially Finlay! Very scary, but glad to see nothing was broken. The doctor that saw you sounds fantastic, it makes such a difference with little ones when you have doctors, nurses etc that really make the effort to make the feel at ease and comfortable. Hope Finlay recovers very soon! Thanks for sharing with #MarvMondays. Emily

  11. Ouch I hate dropping things on my toes, as it always really hurts. Dear of him it sounds like he was very brave. When my Finley was about 2 he was meant to have xrays on his chest, but he kicked the nurse and ran off around the hospital - they gave up in the end, only slightly embarrassing! ;)

    Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x

  12. Ouch, that looks sore. It sounds like he was very brave and I hope he's better soon.

  13. Poor thing must have hurt really badly. We had a similar incident on a plane back from turkey which resulted in X-rays. I love that the doctor was great and a ballon as well!! #PickNMix xx



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