Thursday 5 November 2015

Throwback Thursday #5

This weeks Throwback Thursday just popped up on my  timehop - Finley 4 years ago!! How?!?!

I've just dropped him off at preschool, my 4 year old, strong willed, loving, grump at times fournager (I just made that word up) and then this popped up. It makes me happy and sad. Happy to have seen and witnessed him growing into the little monkey he is today and sad that time has gone so fast. 

This photo was in Costa at lunchtime with the husband. This was a rare date with Finley sleeping and us chatting and drinking HOT coffee as Finley rarely slept - this photo would make you think differently.

Where have those 4 years gone. Womb be still - please!!



  1. Ohhh bless! Dexter is only 2 and a half and I think thats gone fast enough! They take so long to get here and then boom! grown up in a blink of an eye! My friends that had babies 2 minutes ago are all discussing weaning.. how is that so? They can't've got to that point already

  2. Oh look at him, I mean so very cute! Where does the time go?! Thanks for linking up lovely #throwbackthursday xx



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