Saturday 10 September 2016

#HartleysYourLunchbox with Hartley's Jelly

I always find it difficult when looking for different snacks, pudding and things to put in the boys lunchbox. They will normally have the same thing and ae pretty happy with that but I think variety is nice and it's always nice to get something that is like a little treat but not full of sugar.

Finley has started school so he has school dinners but Noah is starting preschool so will be having a lunchbox so I will need to start finding exciting but healthy things to fill it.

Hartley's Jelly have a #HartleysYourLunchbox back to school campaign at the moment and for this they have kindly sent us some jelly along with a lunchbox and stickers so that Noah can decorate his lunchbox. The boys are huge fans of jelly so this was great for us.

They arrived and Noah couldn't wait to get decorating his lunchbox. We found the letters of his name and labelled the lunchbox and the he went a little sticker crazy but I think it looks brilliant. With the lunchbox decorated he has since been carrying it around the house and filling it with all sorts of goodies.

The boys have also been enjoying the jellies as a treat after their tea and they have also been going into Noah's lunchbox for our day trips out. They will definitely be going into his preschool lunchbox once he starts next week!

* We were kindly send these products to review and all opinions are 100% my own.*

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