Monday 12 September 2016

Snacking Healthy with My Vitamins Snack Box - Review

Ever since I started my fitness journey 2 years ago I have been on the look out for new snacks that are healthy and still tasty at the same time. I love my food so I need to snack during the day otherwise I am a real grump. I have signed up to a few snack boxes in the past but they have either been not what I wanted or not great value for money, so when I was contacted by My Vitamins and asked if I would like to try their snack box I jumped at the chance.

It arrived and I couldn't wait to open it and see what tasty treats it had stored away. The box was a decent size so this gave me hope that the contents was going to filled with lots of things. And I wasn't wrong, it was full to the brim with a variety of snacks, all of which I wanted to eat right away!

What I got in my box was:
  • Ape's lightly salted coconut curls
  • Raw Halo milk & goji berry and vanilla chocolate
  • Bioglan raw bites
  • PunchFoods supersedes
  • Moma super seeds porridge
  • Mighty Bee coconut jerky
  • Sweet Virtues chocolate truffles
  • Exact Diet protein granola
  • Aduna baobab bar
  • Meridian peanut & cocoa bar
  • Siberia birch water
  • Squirrel Sisters coconut cashew bites
In addition to the box I was also sent some Sweet Virtues chocolate truffles.

Now if you were to add up the cost of all these products, considering as we all know healthy eating isn't that cheap, I believe the cost will come to more than £19.99. And this is what the box is being sold at! How incredible is that! The other brilliant thing is that some of these foods I wouldn't have thought to have picked up in the supermarket and in actual fact I love them, and have since gone out to buy more.

These snacks have kept me going of a good few weeks and some of the things in the box is a real treat, and its healthy! I won't go through all of the snacks in the box as that would just be a rather boring post but I will just take you through some of my favourites.

My all time favourite in this box had to be the Ape crispy coconut curls. They were one of the last things that I tried but if I am honest the packed wasn't big enough! They were awesome and I will definitely be looking at buying more of these and at a healthy 109 calories per packet they really are a brilliant snack to get you through until dinner time!

The next snacks I want to tell you about are the Siberia birch water and the Meridian peanut & cocoa bar. I had these after a workout to hydrate me and give me a bit of energy back after the exercise. The water tasted like water but with a cleaner taste, if that makes sense - You'll have to try that one for yourself as trying to explain water is a little tricky. But the Meridian bar was so yummy! I love peanut and chocolate so this was the perfect combination for me.

Lastly I thought I would touch on the chocolate snack that I was sent in the box as who doesn't like chocolate. These chocolates are a little different as they are raw and organic, not your usual milk chocolate full of sugar. But we all need a treat every now and then but these chocolate treats showed me your treat doesn't need to be full of sugar and calories. The first chocolate I had was the Raw Halo bar which I enjoyed in the evening with a cup of tea. The bar was gave within no time at all and was definitely the perfect size for a snack. You wouldn't have known it was raw chocolate or that it was lacking sugar content. I loved it so much I asked Mr C for some for my birthday, which I luckily got and that didn't last long!

The other chocolate treats that I really enjoyed were the chocolate truffles, they said on the box that they were good for me so I made sure I ate them all, again not sharing!

The My Vitamins Snack Box is full to the brim with exciting and tasty snacks and has something for everyone in there. I will definitely be placing an order for my next one.

* I was kindly sent a snack box for free. All opinions are 100% my own.*


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