Wednesday 14 September 2016

Toad Diaries - A Blogger Diary Review

I like to be organised and to know what I am doing and to know what I have coming up. And that is the same when it comes to my blog. I have been humming and aching about getting myself a bloggers diary for some time but just haven't got round to getting one. Over the summer my blog has been put on the side lines which we have been enjoying days out and just enjoying the freedom of not being that organised, that took me a while to get used to but was fun. Now we are in September and with Finley now at school and Noah at preschool I need to organise my life and blog.

I want to really start putting some energy into the blog and the only way I think it will be possible to do that with everything else that we have going on is to be organised with it, that is what my Blogger Diary comes into it from Toad Diaries.

When I was asked if I would like to review a diary it was the perfect time for me and the blog, and it gave me a kick up the bum that I needed to get back into it and get things into some kind of order. I have had some reviews outstanding, naughty blogger, which have been listed on my phone but I rarely look in that part of my phone so it wasn't something on my radar. Now with a diary I can diarise reviews that I need to write and I can get ideas down in pen and paper.

The diary arrived and it is exactly what I need and is perfect size to fit in my handbag, as isn't that where every womens things live?!

The diary starts with your usual so that you know who the diary belongs to and then you have a blog statistics page which I think is brilliant. You can list your social media channels and log your stats on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as the sections are blank for you to fill in. This will be brilliant to see where I need to put more attention month on month.

You then have a contacts page and then your onto the diary. The great thing about this blogger diary is that there are no dates, you date it and fill it up with your goals and to do's that day and then if you don't do anything on the blog for a few days you don't have spare pages in between you just start on the next one. The other good thing is that as they are wire bound, if you make a mistake then you can just rip out the page!

The pages are very simple but for me this is what I needed, I needed somewhere to jot down ideas and somewhere to plan my blogging day if I had one.

* I was kindly sent this from Toad Diaries to review. All opinions are 100% my own.*


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