Wednesday 7 September 2016

What Should Have Been The First Day Of Preschool........

I woke up this morning excited yet nervous as another new adventure was about to start, the second in so many weeks, but this time it was Noah's turn. He was starting his new preschool which once started properly he would be attending for 16 hours a week. This was going to be a big change from the 5 1/2 hours a week he had been doing and was going to set him up for school which he will be starting next year.

We have been talking about today for a while, some days he would be excited and others he would say he wouldn't want to go, but all in all he was very excited. Last night we got out his uniform and yesterday we went and got some new shoes so he was all set for his new start. This morning came and we got up on time, had breakfast then went and got dressed. Noah was very impressed with his new uniform and would correct Finley when he had said 'nice outfit' with 'no, its a uniform'!

It was going to be a juggling act as I needed to get Finley to school and then march my way up to the preschool in time for it to start. I managed to get Finley into school and settled in good time, then decided to walk up to the preschool rather than drive as we had some time. I stomped my way up there, sweating as the weather was so close, and arrived with 5 minutes to spare. We stood around with our best friends chatting and waiting for the doors to open, with excitement and the unknown looming.

The doors opened, we were greeted and Noah when bouncing on in with his best friend without a care in the world. I was then stopped and told I wasn't going to like what they had to say, Noah wasn't going to be able to stay! This was due to his fractured arm, which I didn't even think about having to mention to them before today, and they needed a doctors note and a risk assessment for him to stay. And unfortunately that wouldn't be done today.

Well the emotional person inside me was bubbling and I was doing my best to hold back the tears as I didn't want to make myself look stupid on the first day of preschool. I didn't do very well and when I was asked what he had done I burst into tears. I think it was the fact I had geared myself up for this moment, I had geared Noah up and now I was going to have to pull him away from the toys he so wanted to play with. Through my blubbering tears and wobbly voice I talked to them about what we needed to do so he could attend and got Noah to go back home. He didn't want to leave and this made me cry even more, to the extent I couldn't explain to the lady on the door why we were going home!

Noah got into the pushchair in tears and I pulled down my sunglasses to hide my red, teary eyes and we made our way back home. Our big first day had started and ended in 5 minutes and I felt like such a wally. I had been so excited and had got Noah excited about it, taken pictures and posted pictures to Facebook which now I felt a fool for doing!

I called the doctors and we have an appointment this afternoon to get a note so that fingers crossed he can go tomorrow. So I am now back home with a cup of tea in hand feeling very deflated, but at least it wasn't his first day at school as that would have been pretty devastating!

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  1. How very rubbish!! You think they'd be a bit more accommodating!! Hopefully you get the note you need and he can then start nursery. #bestandworst

  2. That is rubbish. especially when you have been preparing yourself for his first day! Fingers crossed he has now made it in #bestandworst

  3. Oh no! How upsetting for you and Noah!
    What a faff on for you...I hope your boy gets to go tomorrow :D x

  4. Oh hon what a shame! I wouldn't have thought to do all that either so don't be too hard on yourself.. Though again I would be the same in your position and would also have blubbed! Fingers crossed you can get the note and go back tomorrow xxx

  5. Oh hon what a shame! I wouldn't have thought to do all that either so don't be too hard on yourself.. Though again I would be the same in your position and would also have blubbed! Fingers crossed you can get the note and go back tomorrow xxx

  6. Awww oh no :( that is such a shame I think I would have been a little emotional too, hugs hun. Thanks for linking up :) #bestandworst

  7. Don't feel bad. A broken arm is not really something that most people would ever consider needing a doctor's note so that their child can attend nursery. #PicknMix

  8. Oh sweetheart, I saw this on facebook but didn't realise you didn't know til you got to the door. God I hate red tape rubbish sometimes, your poor little man. I would have cried too, I really hope he's had a better time of it since.

    Stevie xxx

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