Monday 28 November 2016

Mr Tumble With Lights And Sounds Review

Mr Tumble from Something Special has always been a huge hit in this house, especially with Noah. Whenever Mr Tumble, or Justin, comes on the tv he will jump with excitement and sit quietly watching him. Thank you CBeebies! It is such an interactive show and teaches children so much. I saw a tweet on Twitter a few weeks back asking for blogger to review some Mr Tumble products so I had to put myself forward, knowing the smile on Noah's face for anything Something Special related. We were kindly sent a Mr Tumble Lights and Sounds super-soft toy.

And as expected Noah's face was just a big smile with some squeals. He was instantly out the box and having cuddles on the sofa, he has also been taken to bed every night since.

To work the toy you press Mr Tumble's hand and you hear phrases as well as his bow tie lighting up. Mr Tumble is also carrying his own iconic spotty bag which Noah has loved opening and finding little things to fill it. There are lots of different textures to Mr Tumble for little ones to explore, as well as his super-soft hair!

Noah loved hearing Mr Tumble say phrases which he hears him say on the tv, for Noah it was like Mr Tumble coming to life in our living room! The toy also isn't too big so Mr Tumble has come out with us on a few trips to places, he also fits nicely into one of Noah's bag so that he doesn't get dropped and dirty.

The Mr Tumble with Lights and Sounds retails at an RRP of £19.99.

* I was kindly sent the above product. All opinions are 100% my own.*

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