Thursday 3 November 2016

Our Adventure On The Coca Cola London Eye

I have wanted to take the boys to London for a while as Mr C and I have very fond memories of the city as we used to make a few trips there each year. We also got engaged in Green Park on one of our last trips there before I fell pregnant with Finley. With Mr C having the October half term off we thought this the best opportunity to take some time out and take the boys away for a few days. The best way to get the full feeling of London and to see most of the main landmarks has to be to travel on the Coca Cola London Eye and I couldn't wait to take the boys on it as it would be such a big adventure.

We arrived on Monday to Waterloo tube station and made our way to the Coca Cola London Eye. We told the boys to keep an eye out and as soon as they saw it over all the buildings they were so excited. The London Eye is so big that you can see it from mostly anywhere in London through the buildings. The closer we got the more and more excited the boys got.

After a few photos we went to collect out tickets from the priority desk as we had kindly been given 4 fast track tickets to ride the London Eye. The ticket office is huge and very well signposted so it is easy to figure out where you need to go. There is a desk for pre-booked tickets, buy on the day tickets and also priority tickets. There is also lots of room so even when busy it is easy to get around the ticket office.

With our tickets collected, we had been booked onto to the 3pm slot but being a bit early they allowed us to go on a little earlier, we made our way to the fast track entrance and queued up for only about 10 minutes. The London Eye is constantly moving, but not at a fast pace, so you enter the capsule as it is moving.

We were in the capsule with about 20 other people but there was still a lot of space to move around. In the middle of the capsule there is a wooden oval seating area, so there is plenty of space to move around as well as sit down.

I was a little worried about how the boys were going to be as it is so high up but they loved it. The capsule doesn't feel like you are moving which I think helped with the boys. You can see out of all the sides of the capsule so there really is so much to see, the whole capsule is glass, apart from the floor, so you can see all aspects of London.

The whole experience from when you get into the capsule to when you leave it is about 30 minutes, perfect time for my two. Finley got so excited when he saw Big Ben from the top and I loved showing the boys all the big landmarks. This was a great start to our trip as we could show the boys where we would be going to and they could see a different perspective of building which we would be standing next to.

We loved our experience on the Coca Cola London Eye and would recommend it to anyone going to London.

* We were kindly gifted 4 tickets for the Coca Cola London Eye. All opinions are 100% my own.*

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