Saturday 5 November 2016

We Travelled To Far Far Away At Shrek's Adventure

When researching things for us to do in London on our October half term trip I found Shrek's Adventure and when I looked a little more into it I knew this was something we had to do. The boys are huge Shrek fans so this would be the perfect thing to add to our itinerary. I contacted their PR company and we were kindly gifted 4 tickets to enjoy the adventure on the Wednesday of our trip.

We were been booked onto the 10.30am tour and once we had collected our tickets we were straight on with the tour. As well as our ticket we were given one wrist band that further down the tour we realised was to hold the photos that were taken. The ticket collection office is decorated brilliantly so you start your adventure right from the second you walk through the entrance. On your way to start the adventure you pass some phone boxes which the boys had to stop and play with, they are placed in the queue so that when it is busy children, and adults, will be kept occupied.

The first stop on the tour is to have some photos taken on a green screen which later on at the end of the tour you will see what awesome pictures that have produced. They scanned our wristband so all our photos would be collected together. You are then directed down a hall that has stained glass windows and lit up arrows showing you where to go. The next stop you get to is the merchandise store and buggy drop off. At the store you can buy a selection of Shrek merchandise, we purchased some Shrek ears for the boys and some gingerbread biscuits.

From here you are directed for more photos, this time with Donkey, which again you will see at the end of the tour. We were then directed to listen to an introduction from a flight attendant that makes it fun for the children while letting everyone know the rules of the tour. You are kindly asked not to take any photos while on the tour and also asked not to touch the actors. I really didn't know what to expect so I was excited as they boys were.

We were then directed into a room where we met Princess Fiona who started off the adventure. I don't want to give too much away as it would ruin it for anyone that would go on the tour after reading this. It is very interactive and funny, brilliant for the children. From here he collected our 3D glasses and jumped onto the 4D bus to start the real adventure.

There is water, air and movement, along with lots of giggling form everyone on the bus. Not giving too much away, when the bus stops we then were asked to hop off and continue on foot through the tour. On the adventure we met lots of characters that are dressed up awesomely from the film and it was very interactive with each piece of the adventure linking with the next.

The whole tour lasts about an hour, all depending on how fast your group is on the tour, just the right amount of time for the boys to stay focused and interested. There really is so much to do and keep them entertained on the tour it would have taken a lot for the to get bored.

We finished the tour by being greeted by Shrek himself and being allowed to have some photos with him. We then walked along another hall and entered an interactive zone for the children to play and have photos with a lot of characters from Shrek and other films made by DreamWorks.

After some fun in the interactive area we were shown our photos in a travel journal which, like the rest of the tour, is a very interactive book with not just photos in. The cost of the journal is £25 which I think is very reasonable as you get 7 photos as well as the journal. You also get copyright of the photos so you can download them when you get home.

The whole tour was brilliant and it is one of the highlights from our whole trip to London. I would totally recommend this experience, for children and adults, as it really is so much fun!

* We were kindly given 4 tickets to Shreks Adventure. All opinions are 100% my own.*

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