Thursday 10 September 2015

Today Was Tough

Today was supposed to be a good day but instead it was a rather bad day as a mummy.

I think the reason it turned out like it did was because I wanted it to be a lovely day, spent with Noah while Finley was at preschool, as today is the day before Noah starts preschool tomorrow. My expectations were high and so were my ideas of the fun and giggles we would have. I should have known as I was taking him food shopping.

We dropped Finley off then made our way to meet my sister in law and nephew to do our food shopping, have lunch and have a wonder around some shops before going back to get Finley.

Things went to plan in what we were going to do, Noah just didn't want to play ball and was a rather grumpy toddler.

He started off by wanting to hold the new t-shirts I was getting for the boys for our Disney trip in a few weeks. Once that situation was handled by letting him hold some Spider-Man sunglasses that were £2, that I didn't plan on buying, we were onto the food shopping. 

Well he moaned his whole way around, shouting if he couldn't hold something and grabbing anything I put in the trolley. I tried to distract him with crisps but that was not what he wanted!! 

Then at the check out he really let lose. And it didn't help that I couldn't get everything on the conveyor belt before the shop assistant started to put my shopping through. So I had a packing disadvantage from the start. Noah wanted the ice-cream he had seen me pack away and when I refused he burst into tears, then screamed and shouted - you name it he did it. I had all eyes on me while trying to pack, calm him down and try not to split the bags, wishing I had brought my own bags for life. My sister in law came over and helped but there was no calming Noah down. Thankfully all shopping packed and paid for we could escape.

I felt like the worst mother in the world.

Noah seemed to cheer up and enjoy his lunch and not put up too much of a fuss at the shops. We headed home and unpacked the shopping. 

As he had slept all the way home I thought he'd like to walk when we went to collect Finley - now this was a big fat mistake that I will not make again (I lie as I know I will lol!) the journey started great, he held my hand and we chatted about everything around us. I loved it, then I had to carry him for the last leg of the journey as we were running late - his little legs just can't keep up bless him.

Noah was all excited and talking to the preschool staff about starting tomorrow and off we headed home. Then it kicked off - he wanted to carry Finley's water bottle, the only problem with this was it slowed him down even more and I was so tired and just wanted to get home. So I took the drink off him - queue a tantrum!!!

We eventually made it home and with tea in hand and boys happily eating homemade sugar free banana flapjack order was restored.

But I feel cheated for my lovely angelic day before Noah starts preschool tomorrow - it's only 3 hours a week so we have all next week too - but I think the fact I wanted it to be perfect was the reason it went so pear shaped.
Today was not a good day in the life of this mummy and tomorrow is going to one big fat emotional rollercoaster but that's what we get being parents, life can be tough but the smile we get from the stroppy little people makes it all better. 


Mummy and Monkeys


  1. Aww good luck for tomorrow! Sometimes these days just happen. We plan to do lots of nice things and the kids just have a bad day. It's hard when they are throwing tantrums, especially in public but it sounds like you did the best thing, even if it does make you feel awful.

  2. Aww! Sending big hugs! So sorry your day wasn't so good....Don't be so hard on yourself. I think we all have days like this. Good luck for tomorrow. x

  3. Oh my god I have days like this with my toddler, honestly its always in bloody supermarkets as well! Pulling things off shelves or demanding to get out of the trolley - there have been two occasions where I have just left half a shop load and walked out because I couldn't deal with it (with my child) x

  4. Tomorrow is another day. We've all been there

  5. Oh no bless you & bless him!! The thing is, he wouldn't have even realised what that day meant to you. To him it was a day like every other. You'll have many more perfect days I'm sure but it's just so dissapointing when it all goes horribly wrong when you've hoped for such a perfect day! X

  6. Aww no I hate it when you have a day like that where it is one thing after another. I think sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves. Thanks for linking to #PickNmix



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