Tuesday 12 January 2016

From Cot To Bed - A Big Step For Us Both

I have always been one of those Mummy's that holds onto every stage, with a tight grip not wanting to let go as it means that they are growing up. That may sound pretty silly as I know children have got to grow up, and each stage brings joy and tears to our lives, but I just want them to stay little. I don't want them to grow up and go off to preschool, I want them by my side everyday turning my hair grey and making me cry. But I know they need to for both them and for our sanity as parents.

I have been putting off the stage of transferring Noah's cot into a bed for a while now as this is kind of like the last of the baby stages. If I remember rightly I think Finley went into a bed at 18 months because I was pregnant with Noah and we needed the cot. It was a tough few weeks with the constant up and down the stairs at bed time and incredibly early waking's as we didn't have the cot to keep him contained!

But this weekend we did it, we transferred his cot into a bed and it was definitely the right time.

I picked up the bed side guard from my Mum's house and took a trip to Mothercare to get a duvet and duvet cover set. I took Noah with me so he could choose the duvet set so he could get excited about going into a bed. While we were out my husband and Finley took off the cot sides and got it ready for our return.

When Noah saw it he was so excited and couldn't wait to get in it, this had to be a good sign. So after I had washed the new duvet set and his bed was all ready, it was then actual bedtime. The time I had been dreading. I was so ready for the numerous trips up the stairs to put him back into bed and for the possibility of having to sit in his room.

But he surprised us, as with every other milestone he just took to it like a duck to water. He stayed in bed and within 10 minutes was asleep. He then slept until 6.45am the next morning without waking up. I have to admit I felt smug with myself that this had been so easy and I should have known that it was too easy. Now this is where I needed a punch in the face because it wasn't going to be that easy!

Monday evening came and after our normal bedtime routine we went to put him to bed where he refused to lie down. But after a little persuasion he did lie down and let me leave the room. He then proceeded to get out of bed a couple of time but after about 15 minutes he managed to settle and go to sleep.

Just before I went to bed I popped in and tucked him back in as he had lost his duvet. Then after being led in bed myself for about 20 minutes I heard a noise so I quietly went to investigate and we found him at the wrong end of the bed, very very close to the edge. After a quick reposition and tucking back in we went back to bed to sleep. Then at some time during the night he woke up needing a wee, he did stay in bed but shouted. After a wee he settled back down until 6am!! Now this time is incredibly early for Noah. He normally sleeps until 7/7.30 and if he is up any earlier he is a right grouch.

Normally I have been able to go in, turn Timmy on (Ewan the dream sheep) and he will settle back down as he knows there is no way out. But not this morning. He knew he could get out and he was very loudly refusing to go back to sleep or even lie in his bed. As I didn't want to wake Finley I took him into our bed where I managed to keep him relativity quiet until 6.30am when Finley woke up.

Now due to being up so early his mood all day has been pretty moody, the same kind of mood I'm in as I had been woken during the night and then at 6am. He hasn't nap even though we had a couple of car journeys and Tumble Tots was an utter waste of time as he wouldn't do anything he was asked to do. But after picking Finley up from preschool we managed to get home and have a pretty pleasant afternoon and with me knowing it was going to need to be an early night.

I'm hoping for a much better night tonight but who knows, as these toddlers like to test us!  
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  1. I think we need to know your secret our girls are shocking at night well done though # anything goes

  2. We have just made the transition as well, so it was really interesting to read this. I completely understand how you feel, I'm doing it for the first time and was full prepared to have a lot of interrupted sleep, but so far it hasn't been too bad! Ray xx #TwinkluTuesday

  3. Glad the move got off to a good start! Shame the last night wasn't as good though hopefully he will get back to normal and settle into his new bed soon xx

  4. Good to know that you made the transition without any big problems. He will settle down and get used it it in no time :)

    Came over from #bestandworstlinky x

  5. He will soon settle for you and get used to it lovely! It's a big change :) I love his duvet covers - so cute! So glad you got off a good start though! He looks so happy x

  6. I've been stressing about going to a bed for ages, for some reason I forgot I could get a guard! Yours looks great, where is it from? #coolmumclub

  7. Eek good luck with this - I know this time is coming soon for us and I am totally in denial for these exact same reasons! Hope it all settles down...they go through so many changes don't they! Thanks so much for linking to #coolmumclub duck x

    Talya - http://www.motherhoodtherealdeal.com

  8. I really need to start thinking about this for my little boy and am putting it off as things are so settled at the moment. I feel mental preparation coming on before I make the change so I can be ready for the battles to start #coolmumclub

  9. They love to so well that first night...false sense of security!! Then the next night all goes tits up! Sounds like overall it has gone well though and hopefully Noah will be so tired tonight, he will be zonked. Thanks for linking with #bestandworst xx

  10. Awww how cute is he in those pictures though??! But oh, I feel for you, the fact he was so good that first night, and then not the next. Hope he gets into the routine of it and settles down soon #bestandworst



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