Sunday 3 January 2016


I've always tried to be organised. I have a calendar on our fridge that I even use to plan out our meals, I have a diary that has all the same information in as on the calendar as well as a few blog bits and I also use the calendar on my phone to keep my husband up to date with things that may effect us both.

But somehow I'm still not organised. I still get flustered as I glance at the calendar and see it's someone's birthday in 2 days time and I don't have a card or present for them. I still double book people and events just because for some reason I don't think to look in my diary - 'seriously' I hear you say!

Now that's the written organisation but I also try my very best with our day to day running organisation. On preschool days I have the lunches ready as soon as I get up and I have the boys dress about half an hour before we are due to leave. But some how we still rush to get out the door with putting shoes and coats on and then I'm running around putting toys away that I put away 10 minutes previously. I seem to be organised but it just doesn't help! 

Things now need to change with a new routine about to start tomorrow and it's one we can't be late for because if we are late leaving the house it will throw the whole of the day out.

As I have written previously we are in the process of moving house and this should all happen in the next month or so. And because it is to a new town, Finley is starting his new preschool in preparation to start school in September and to meet children he will be going to school with. But this means we have to drive, which we have never done for a preschool run. When you walk you know how long it will take, give or take a few minutes for wee breaks and slow little legs, but when you drive anything could happen. Traffic lights, traffic jams, closed roads, weather, the list goes on!

Finley starts at 9.15am and because the parking around the preschool isn't great we are going to have to park a little walk away, so to make sure we are on time for his first day we are going to need to leave home for 8.15am. This is so we beat traffic and figure out our times. I am hoping this will only be a temporary thing and we will be in our new house by the end of January but we still need to get our timings sorted out. It could take half an hour or it could take an hour, and its stressing me out!

8.15am is doable as Finley gets up at 6.45am everyday, he seems to have a built in alarm clock, but Noah likes to lie in some mornings. Some days he may be awake at the same time as Finley and others he may sleep in until 8am, which won't work for us on preschool days because 15 minutes isn't enough time for Noah's milk, for him to have breakfast and to get him dressed, as well as get our coats and shoes on and get in the car. I can feel myself getting hot just thinking about it. This is going to mean I am going to have to wake him up if he sleeps in and I don't like that idea but its something we will have to do for a short time.

So we will have 1 and a half hours to get out the house, and that seems like a lot of time but with a 2 & 4 year old its going to be a mission. I am going to have to get organised and just hope that my organisation skills are better this year than last, and not flap which I tend to do when things don't go to plan.
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  1. We went through something similar last year with starting a new school in our new area before we actually moved. It was brutal to add the extra drive on and we were pretty much late almost every day so I feel for you! Luckily we were able to move up our closing date on our house so it only lasted a month. Good luck with her new goal to get an even earlier head start out the door! #justanotherlinky

  2. I found it so hard when Aspen first started kinder as we had to wake her up, it just feels wrong waking sleeping child as it is no peaceful and nice when they are asleep and we can get sleeping or a coffee in peace. Good luck, so exciting about your move, I am so envious as I have to wait till April

  3. I was never very organised when the kids were younger, but as I've got older it has improved (one silver lining of having anxiety, everything has to be carefully organised now).
    I hope your move goes ahead quickly so you don't end up doing the school drive for long. #mg

  4. Being organised is half the battle, but you know what they say about the best laid plans - especially with toddlers! Good luck and happy new year! #mg

  5. I wrote a post a few months ago about how I plan my day around CBeebies - and it was all true. If they change scheduling without warning then I am absolutely screwed. In terms of remembering stuff, I have lists everywhere, and reminders on MoonPig but I still forget birthdays. Sorry but I can offer no advice other than to say that you are doing well enough in my book for even attempting a routine. Best of luck with the school run and the move. #mg

  6. It's so hard getting organised with small children as there is so much to do! Good luck with finding a way that works for you. I hope the move is sorted out soon

  7. My organisation skills are just the same, I have the calendar, lists, reminders but always seems to be rushing to do something. Oh I feel your pain, I did a 17 mile school run for a long time, we still have to leave the house at 7.10am to catch the school bus and neither of us are morning people ha! Good luck with it xx

  8. I feel your pain too - I had the first day of term all sorted in my mind's eye back in September but one mistake threw everything off and I ended up so stressed that I was sobbing in the arms of EJ's keyworker by the end of it! I really hope it all works out for you and you do better than I did! Thanks for linking up with #thetruthabout X

  9. Good luck with getting organised not always a toddler in tow. I have that calender it is cool to get all family involved :) X #thetruthabout

  10. Must be so tricky with two! Organising one is hard enough. Also, well done for writing the birthdays on the calendar in the first place, that's still more organised than me! Thanks for linking up to Marvellous Mondays. Kaye xo



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