Wednesday 13 April 2016

Royal Rascals Baby Safe Mirror Giveaway

From the moment our children are born safety is our number one priority, especially in the car. When my two were younger I was always very anxious in the car as I couldn't see them even though we did have a mirror it wasn't the most reliable. When I was contacted by Royal Rascals about their Baby Safe Mirror we decided to collaborate and run a competition on the blog. As my boys are now older and forward facing I am unable to review the product but we wanted to offer one lucky reader the chance to win one.

Here is a little more information on this fantastic product:

Royal Rascals is a business dedicated to children’s safety. Baby Safe Mirror is the first product offered by the company. This baby car mirror is designed to be durable, easy to use, and efficient. This accessory will become a great help to all parents, grandparents, and guardians who travel with babies. Typically, children under 15 months of age need to be strapped in a rear facing baby car seat. This makes it almost impossible for the driver to see the child, which causes concerned parents a great amount of stress. In some cases, a cry from a baby in this position can lead to an accident because the driver has to turn and reach around in order to check what is wrong. This is where a baby car mirror comes into play.

Baby Safe Mirror is a simple device that can be easily and securely fixed to a headrest. The base of the accessory is covered by a soft foam layer to prevent damage to the upholstery. The robust base of the accessory prevents it from vibrating and distorting the image when the car moves. This baby car mirror can rotate and tilt, so you can angle it as you need in order to ensure perfect reflection. What makes this product unique on the market is its yellow frame. This colour was specifically chosen to provide an additional safety benefit, as the human eye detects yellow quicker than any other colour. Therefore, with this little safety device, the driver will be able to keep an eye on the baby in the backseat without dragging his or her attention from the road for more than a few moments.

For your chance to win one of the Royal Rascal Baby Safe Mirrors simply enter below. Good luck.

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