Monday 11 April 2016

Santa Maria Quick & Easy Pulled Pork Dinner Kit - Review

I seem to get in a rut when it comes to dinner and we end up having the same meals week after week, so when I was contacted to see if I would like to review the Quick and Easy Pulled Pork Dinner Kit by Santa Maria I was up for the challenge. I love pulled pork and the idea of it being ready in less than 2 hours sounded great.

All you need is the pork of your choice, 2 red onions and the Santa Maria Dinner Kit, simple! I went with pork chops, but you can choice whichever pork you prefer. I followed the instructions and put the pork in the bag provided and added the seasoning. Holding the top of the bag I shook it to make sure the pork was all covered and then added the tie to the top and placed it into the oven. Ours is a fan over so I put it on 175 degrees and cooked it for 90 minutes. I put it on so that it would be ready just after the boys had gone to bed.

While the pork was cooking I chopped up a red onion, it says to use two but as it was just going to be myself and my husband having the meal I used just the one, and coated it in the red onion seasoning. I then placed it in the fridge until the pork was ready.

The smell that came from the kitchen while the pork was cooking was divine and it was making me hungrier and hungrier as the evening went on.

With the boys in bed I got the pork out and let it sit on the side while I heated up the tortilla wraps. I put them all in the microwave for 45 seconds and they came out perfect. With the pork a little cooler, I opened the bag and placed the pork chops into a bowl and pulled it to make the pulled pork. The smell once it was out the oven was even better and I couldn't wait to try it.

With everything ready, we made our wraps by adding on the pulled pork, some onion and the bbq sauce. I served mine with a salad and some hummous as it was our main meal of the day.

It was delicious and tasted just like pulled pork would if you had done it in the slow cooker for 12 hours. I would total recommend this as it tasted amazing!

* For the purpose of this review I was sent a Santa Maria Dinner Kit. All opinions are 100% my own. *

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