Thursday 7 July 2016

Why I Want To Get The Boys Christened

We are currently in the process of organising the boys Christening. I have always wanted to do it for them but I had always wanted it to happen in the Abbey in which we got married. But unfortunately where we didn't live in the town in which the Abbey is, it was a little hard. But now that we do we have decided now is the time. 

I now keep getting asked why I want to get the Christened. We don't go to Church and have only ever gone for when we got married and for other weddings or Christenings but that isn't to say that I don't believe. We will never be your Church regulars that go every week but we will become part of the community and we will go once every so often so that the boys are familiar with the Abbey and the faith.

One of the main reasons that I would like to get them Christened is the knowing that they will get once they are older that they have someone looking over them and that they have that community from the Abbey behind them and guiding them. I do honestly hope this will help them, along with our parenting, onto the right path in life and if they ever need to talk to someone when they don't want to talk to us that maybe they would go to someone there that they can trust.

The other reason is God Parents. I believe that having God Parents is a little bit like having more Aunty and Uncles but they are ones that want to be there. I'm not saying the boys Uncles now don't want to because they do, especially my brother who is awesome with the boys, but I just think that having some God Parents the boys will have someone else to turn to. And I honestly believe that the God Parents we have chosen will be there for the boys through thick and thin and will act as parents to them whether we are around or not.

I want the boys to feel a part of something safe and the Church is definelty a safe place. Some people don't agree with parents choosing their childs faith path, I am not choosing it for them I am guiding them in the right direction and the direction I think they should be going in and if in 20 years they go a different direction then they will be old enough to make that choice.

I believe there is a God and I believe that he is looking down on us and guiding us through life. There are the arguments that if there was a God bad things wouldn't happen but I'm not going to get into that discussion as everyone has their own thoughts and beliefs and everyone is allowed their own belief and they shouldn't be questioned or scrutinised over it.

The beautiful Abbey
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  1. I think our religious views are quite similar. I believe that there is someone there but not necessarily the Christian version of God. Have you considered dedicating? It's similar but allows the boys to make their own commitment to the church when older.

  2. Hi there great post I was the same! I believe but struggle to go regularly but still had both my daughters baptised etc. Church is such a great community. x #bestandworst

  3. I am a Buddhist by birth, but I was raised in a Christian boarding school in the UK. I was in the school choir and we go to church every Sundays. I love it. But since I left I did not go so much. I love Christmas and have been celebrating it with my children. My partner is a Christian, but I never see him go to church! lol! We have been invited to his family side Christening and our friends in a Christian Church. I think it is lovely. I think I might even be more Christian than a Buddhist! :) #bestandworst

  4. I ummed and erred about this too hun but as I wasn't, found it a tricky one. I think it's a lovely thing to do for the boys though. It's like a comfort blanket for them and also having the support of god parents is a brill thing. Thanks for sharing with 'bestandworst x



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