Monday, 7 March 2016

Exante Diet Products - Review

I was recently asked by Exante to review some of their products. They are a company known for meal replacement diet products to help with weight-loss and maintain it. I am not on a diet and I am not planning to diet but I do like to eat healthy to maintain my weight. When they contacted me they said they wanted to move away from the perception of them just being a diet brand and moving towards the wholesome foods/lifestyle market. Now this is something I am interested in because since losing weight 2 years ago I do my best to maintain my weight by eating healthy and eating in moderation.

The products they sent me were 3 meal replacement shakes which are protein shakes, a Chip Shop Chicken Curry with rice meal, a Cherry and Almond bar and a Chocolate Mint flavour cookie.

I wasn't going to be using these as a part of a diet I was going to be using them over a few weeks to fit in with my busy lifestyle and half marathon training.

The meal replacement protein shakes I used after my runs or work-outs at the gym. The flavours I was sent to try were Honeycomb, Irish Cream and a mystery shake. These were all to be made with 200ml of cold water and were very much like a milk shake without the milk. I have never used shakes like these before but I was pleasantly surprised and they tasted ok. They worked great as an after exercise drink but I don't think if I was using them as a meal replacement they would fill me up. And because of their distinctive taste I would find it hard to stick to having them everyday.

The Chip Shop Chicken Curry I had one night as my tea when my husband was out and it was just me I had to cook for as the boys had already had their tea. It smelt just like a curry and it tasted like one too. I really liked this and you wouldn't have realised it was a diet meal.

I had the Chocolate Mint cookie as a snack one day and it had a very distinctive taste and didn't have the texture of a cookie. It had a really strong after taste of mint and I could still taste it a while after I had eaten it. But as far as a diet snack goes it was ok.

This was also what I did with the Cherry and Almond bar. I put it in my handbag for when I got peckish. It was covered in chocolate and unfortunately I didn't really like it, it had a very heavy consistency and was very hard to eat.

As far as diet products go these were great and I think if I was following the diet plan that I may have enjoyed them a little more.

* I was sent these product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are 100% my own.*


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