Friday 18 March 2016

Naked Noodles Challenge - National Noodle Month

I am always up for a challenge, especially when it is involving food. When I was contacted by Naked Noodles to see if I would be interested in taking part in their National Noodle Month Challenge I had to say yes. I love food and I love noodles, a great combination.

I also like the quick and easy meals and this is something Naked Noodles provides. I have never thought to make the noodles into a main meal, I had only ever thought to have them as a quick lunch. But when some ideas were put to me about making them into a meal it sounded like a great idea. With the young children and a fussy eating husband, when it gets to bedtime and I am yet to have my tea I want something quick.

Since losing weight I have been eating a lot healthier and Naked Noodles are great tasting but also healthy. So I said yes to this challenge and couldn't wait to get started.

The three noodle pots I received were Chinese Chow Mein, Thai Tom Yum and Thai Sweet Chilli. I already had ideas on how I could make these snack pots a main meal.

The first pot I used was the Thai Tom Yum, a flavour I have never tried so wasn't too sure what to expect. I decided to pair these noodles up with pink salmon in lemon and dill sauce as I needed a speedy meal. So the meal consisted of just two things, the noodles and the salmon, and it was a pretty substantial meal. I did have to lose some of the liquid before I put the meal together otherwise it would have been like salmon in a soup. I loved the taste of the Tom Yum noodles and I found it went really well with the salmon.

A few days later I really fancied a Chinese but as I was being good didn't want to get a take away when I remembered I had one of the noodle pots in the cupboard. To make it a main meal I added some prawns. While frying the prawns I added in some soy sauce to give a little flavour to the prawns. The noodles tasted amazing and were full of flavour.

For my last noodle pot which was the Thai Sweet Chilli I added salmon again to this one. The salmon I used was pink salmon in a sweet chilli sauce which went lovely with the noodles. I was a little worried the noodles would be a little on the hot side and I'm not great with hot foods which it was just the right height. 

The reason I used salmon and prawns is because these are things my husband doesn't like, and because these snack pots make just one meal I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to enjoy the foods I don't often have. I went down the simple route with making my noddle pots a main meal but it goes to show that they can make a great meal that aren't time consuming and are hassle free. They would also be a great go to quick lunch. With some snack pot foods like this you can find them a little bit tasteless but these are full of flavour and really do taste like what they say they should.

* For the purpose of this blog post I was sent some Naked Noodles to try. All opinions are 100% my own. * 

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