Tuesday 31 May 2016

Monthly Bucket List - Update and June's List

Now all I have to say is where did the past month go?! It has flown by, it only felt like yesterday that we were off to Amsterdam for the weekend to celebrate Mr C's birthday. It has been a brilliant month and we are so settled in our new house it is so lovely.

1. Go to the park. Yes we have had many visits to the park.

2. Run a couple of 10k's. Another yes and this is thanks to the lovely running club I have joined. They run a long run on a Sunday which I join in with a running that distance is so much easier with others.

3. Get back into blogging. This has literally just happened and it feels so good to be back. I have so much I want to write about, it is now about finding the time.

4. Sort out the garden. Um, not really. There isn't all that much that needs doing but there is a corner that need some plants so onto next months list this one goes.

5. Survive Amsterdam. I'm here and I survived, yey! And it was absolutely amazing.

 So as we speed into June here is my list for this month.

1. Attend #BML16 (BritMums). This is something I am so excited about and can not wait for.

2. Do some gardening. It is back from last month so fingers crossed we can get it done this month.

3. Finish my book. I have just started reading again and I once again am obsessed with my book. I am wanting to read most nights before lights out just to relax myself a bit before sleep.

4. Go on a date night. The boys are off to stay with Nana over the half term so I want to make sure we get a date night in somewhere.

5. Book a half marathon. I like to have something to work towards so I want to get my next half marathon in the diary and stop putting it off.

6. Organise the boys Christening. We have been meaning to get the boys Christened for a good long while so I now have the Baptism pack so I am going to get organising!


  1. Well done for May, I would like to get back into running I just can't find the time with my husbands work and the kids. Good luck for June, I am jealous about BritMums, I really wanted to go but its the day we come back from Holiday. x

  2. Looks like there are a number of great events to look forward to over the month including #BML16. It sounds like a lot of bloggers are going. #monthlybucketlist

  3. I admire anyone that can run at all so well done on thinking about doing a half. I'm not a runner in the slightest... bit like Phoebe from friends.
    Hope you manage to have a great date night xXx

  4. I haven't run for a while but have only managed 5k so far. It's lovely being able to go to the park so much
    Amsterdam looked fab! Hope you enjoyed it and have recovered
    Have a wonderful time at Britmums xxxx

  5. Well done for May! Hope you have a fantastic time at Britmums. Good luck with booking your half marathon #monthlybucketlist



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