Thursday 2 June 2016

Best of British 101 Ideas For Having Fun With The Kids This Summer - EBook Launch

As a mummy to two young boys the idea and the reality of staying home isn't that bright, we would have fights, tears and tantrums galore and I think by the end of the day all of three of us wouldn't be talking to each other! So we need to get out and actually we like to get out, whether it simply be to the park or on a day out getting out in the fresh air is great. And when Mr C walks through the door he walks into a house with three happy smiley people, rather than three people that are screaming at each other from different rooms.

But we like to try different places and explore new surroundings to keep the boys fresh so that they don't get bored - queue this fantastic new ebook!

I had the privilege of being asked if I would like one of my favourite days out to be included in an ebook of 101 Best of British Ideas for Having Fun With the Kids this Summer. And the best bit about it is that this is a FREE ebook for anyone to download filled with great days out with the kids. 

The book was launched on Monday 23rd May and it is brilliant, it isn't a long winded places to go book, it is to the point and all the ideas are from parents that have been to these places. So they are tried and tested and real life! I went for our most favourite place which is just down the road - Westonbirt Arboretum.

So with the summer holidays on the way and he weather on the up check out this fantastic ebook for ideas on what to do with the kids this summer!

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