Thursday 30 June 2016

Savouring Thursday's

Thursday's have been one of my favourite days since January and sometimes they can beat a weekend day! Yes there is the negative that Mr C isn't hope but I seem to get excited as we head towards Thursday whether we have plans or not. Why you may ask is this one of my favourite days? The reason being is that both boys are home and they don't have preschool. Our mornings aren't rushed and we can get dressed at 11.50 just before lunch if we want. Breakfast is always so much more relaxed as they can take an hour to eat it if they like and they can even have boiled eggs or bacon as we have the time. 

There is no packed lunch to make, which means I can sit and enjoy my hot cup of tea while watching Good Morning Britain. While I do this the boys can go and play in their bedrooms, be it sleep overs or the dreaded stepping stones with books without me stressing that time is short and they will need to tidy up. We like to get them to help tidy up so when your in a rush this is a big mission as they just take forever to get into cleaning up mode.

Thursday will beat a Sunday morning hands down. I love Sunday day but most Sunday mornings I will go for a run so it's out of bed, quick breakfast and off I go. This is my choice but that's why I am glad I have Thursday's still.

Soon these lazy Thursday's won't exist. Finley will have school and Noah will have preschool, we will be rushing to eat breakfast, fighting to get dressed and out the door to get to both settings on time. Soon we won't be able to laze around all day if we wish because our weekends will be precious and we will want to do things together. 

The other brilliant thing about a Thursday is that if we have a day out its not too busy. You get the usual non schoolers but there isn't the queues for things and the kids have a lot more room to play without me worrying that they might bump into someone. I can see them better without my eyes darting between a million and one children.

Now these Thursday's will only be here for another 3 weeks and that makes me sad. I know we have the summer holiday before the hustle and bustle starts but everyone will be off so places will be crowded but I suppose this is something I will have to get used to.

So for the next three Thursday's I think we will keep our plans simple with not going out too early, we will laze around watching Good Morning Britain and Paw Patrol until lunchtime because suddenly time has crept up on me and I don't want to miss a second.


  1. ah sounds like you have lovely Thursdays! my day is Friday where I get the day with b and we lounge about in pjs and eat breky late :) its nice not to rush #justanotherlinky

  2. I think my favourite day has to be a Saturday. Hubby's home, the kids aren't in school and we can spend the day together. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  3. I think my favourite day Monday because Emily has gone to work no offence and I get the girls to myself great post thanks for linking to the #binkylinky

  4. Thursdays sound lovely for you. It takes reading this to realize how lucky I am to still have every day with my littles before they head off to nursery, then I'll feel very deflated and cherish the small snippets we spend together like you are. I can really see why it's your fav day of the week and I don't blame you #justanotherlinky

  5. Hi Kirsty, I don't blame you for enjoying Thursdays. We all need one day of the week when we can be a little more laid back. For me it's Fridays. They are my recharge day, and the day of the week when doughnuts for breakfast are acceptable.


  6. Sounds lovely. I have nothing against Thursdays really, but they always make me think of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: 'This must be a Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays. #justanotherlinky

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