Monday 13 June 2016

"Mum..." - Book Review

We love books in our house and always read one before bed, sometimes two or three. As the boys have got older their attention span to books have got longer which has meant we can read longer and more in depth story books. I was asked by Morty Sey and Scott Chegg if we would be interested in reviewing their first book "Mum...." and we jumped at the chance. I loved the idea of the book as it sounded like our lives.

The book arrived and I loved the cover, it is bright, simple and very attractive to little ones eyes. Since receiving the book we have read it a lot as the boys love it, and so do I.

I don't want to give the end of the book away but the story is about a Mum getting ready in the morning to go to school and all the obstacles that get in the way. Every scenario has happened to me at least once in my time as a Mummy and this is why I loved this book so much, it was real life.

The illustrations are great and very clear, explaining the story brilliantly. The pages are great quality and ones that mean the book can be read over and over again, like ours has, and it won't wear. Every page has different eye popping colours which kept the interest of the boys and throughout the book is the word "Mum" which is obviously a word the boys are very familiar with!

Morty and Scott have caught the essence of motherhood in the mornings brilliantly and the book ends in a brilliant fashion that has made me and the boys laugh again and again.

Every parent should read this book, Mum or Dad, as it goes to show that however dreadful our mornings can be, there is another parent out there having one too!

* We were sent this book by Morty Sey and Scott Chegg to review and all opinions are 100% my own.*
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  1. Really does sound fab like the cover too

  2. I love the cover! It definitely grabs your attention. Something I may read to my students.

  3. I love the cover! It definitely grabs your attention. Something I may read to my students.

  4. Sounds like a good book, my kids love to read #twinklytuesdays

  5. Haha sounds like a brilliant book and I love that cover. Im sure we will all be able to relate to it so will keepa wye out for it xx

  6. Love this...pretty sure that's a mum who's just run out of gin! #mg

  7. haha so funny I rang hubby after i got the kids to school finally and had a big moan about how crazy my mornings are lately! That book sounds fab! #mg



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