Tuesday 23 February 2016

My Pushchair Wishlist

A pushchair is one of the main and most important items you will buy when you are pregnant. But then throughout the years you will inevitably buy others, whether you plan to or not, for various reasons such as it doesn't fit your needs once your little one comes or if you have another baby which will mean you need a double pushchair. 

Our choice of pushchair when I was pregnant with Finley was a Quinny Buzz in red, and I loved it. It did everything we wanted it to from fit the car seat on to maneuver brilliantly. Then when I got pregnant with my second I knew that because there was going to be about 22 months between them that I would need a double pushchair. At the time we didn't have the money to buy a brand new one so we went with Ebay. We decided on the iCandy Peach which was amazing for us and was exactly what we needed. It was a double but also a single when we needed it.

But if we were to have had the budget, here is a little wishlist of pushchairs which I would have chosen. My main need would be to have a decent size shopping basket.

1. Egg Stroller berry red/gun frame from House of Fraser.
I love the berry colour which would be for either gender if you haven't found out and isn't too light that it will show up the mess that inevitably children make when they are in the pushchair. I also think its great as you can buy an additional frame which will make it a double. This would save you money, so rather than having to buy a whole new pushchair you cane just add onto it. The size of the shopping basket looks great too.

This is a travel system that includes the carry cot and Main seat. You can also buy the Maxi-Cosi car seat adapters separately. I absolutely love this colour, it is so stylish. You can't see it in this picture but the shopping basket is a brilliant size which is always a bonus as you don't want to be carrying bags around as well as pushing a pushchair.

This just looks so stylish with its shiny frame and I am loving the tan handles and safety bar. I also love the special edition Liberty design on the hood and straps. The basket looks a great size too.
These three would be perfect for life with a baby but when they start to get a little older you don't tend to need the big travel systems and a buggy will do. They are lightweight and don't take as much space up in the car. They are also great when you go on holiday abroad for the plane.

This comes with a raincover and folds down lovely and small. I love the turquoise against the black. A perfect stroller for when you want to get those little jobs done quickly as we all know a toddlers speed at walking!

Maclaren is a well known brand so you know you will get quality when you get one of their strollers. This stroller just oozes style and has the carry handle attached when it folded down so it is easy to transport.

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  1. We had a Maclaren and it was amazing - the little pushchair that could.

  2. Ooohh...look at the Maclaren - love the colours! I agree a good pushchair can make a lot of difference. Thanks for sharing with #abitofeverything

  3. We have a Mountain Buggy Swift which I love and is the best pushchair we've had... #picknmix

  4. Great choices! I would love to try a Maclaren, it looks so comfy and I do love it's colours.
    Thanks for sharing #TheBabyFormula

  5. Popping back from #justanotherlinky :-) #justanotherlinky

  6. I'm so jealous and would have loved all of these. Our pushchairs have always been a bit more cheap than cheerful as my hubby is very practical and has to rein me on on these things. To be fair, they've done us proud, but some of these look amazing!


  7. I would love the special edition Armadillo flip. It's on my wish list too. Some great choices. Thanks for linking to #PickNMix



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