Thursday 25 February 2016

Women’s Sportswear Essentials Wish List

Once you’ve started a family and settled down getting fit is usually the last thing on your mind. It’s very hard to get going with little inspiration so, acquiring some new sportswear could be just the motivation you need to get you feeling fresh and up for working out. 

Here’s a wish list of women’s sportswear to help you feel good and kick start a new fitness regime.


A cute hoodie is a great investment, as even if you don’t stick to your fitness regime you might be encouraged to wear it for going on a walk, which is way better than doing nothing!  At M and M Direct there’s a fab range of hoodies and sweatshirts at great prices. Men’s ones tend to have a looser fit and can be better for going jogging in as they’re more breathable so, it’s worth taking a look at them too.

Yoga pants

Yoga pants are so comfy that they’re perfect for working out in. They’re having a bit of a fashion moment too, so there are many different styles around. You’ll be bound to find a pair you like from ones with pink waist bands to funky stripes down the side and zip bottoms. Yoga pants with a little zip pocket on the waistband are great for jogging as it gives you somewhere to store your keys without having to fasten it around your bra strap.

Sports bra

Once you’ve had children, not wearing a sports bra is definitely not an option. There are some gorgeous sports bras around in a variety of colours and designs so working out doesn’t have to mean ugly underwear. Whether you get a bright pink one or a sassy leopard print number, making sure it fits properly is essential as comfort is the number one factor when exercising. 


There are so many cool pairs of trainers around at the minute that showing yours off is reason enough to start exercising again. There are some amazing Puma offerings around in a wide range of colours and styles so whatever type of trainers you’re into, there’s sure to be the perfect pair for you. 

Having a variety of tops is essential, go for a mixture of vest and t-shirt styles so you have options and don’t forget to invest in a water bottle. 

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