Tuesday 23 June 2015

A weekend with the in laws by the sea

As we are in the process of getting our house up together to put on the market, Who said Women can't decorate?!, I decided to take the boys to my in laws who live by the sea and leave hubby to do the decorating he wanted to do. So that he didn't have the boys under his feet and trying to help!

We left on Friday about 2.30pm just in time for Noah's nap. Both boys were so excited but about 10 minutes into the journey they were both asleep. I was aiming to get there about 3.30pm so we could walk along and surprise my mother in law at her shop but unfortunately we got stuck in traffic. We arrived about 3.45pm and all three of us jumped out the car and quickly made our way to the shop. The shop closes at 4pm so we had time to get there. The boys were so good and walked the whole way holding my hand. About 5 minutes away from the shop my mother in law called so I had to tell her how close we were. But we still let the boys think it was a surprise. So as we got onto the pier they ran as fast as they could to 'surprise' Nana. This was so lovely to see as they then wouldn't let Nana go. Once the shop was locked up we went to go and grab some food from a supermarket for tea and made our way back to their flat.

We were staying in my in laws room so as I was unpacking the boys were at the window waiting for Dandan, my father in law. Dandan is a family name for Grampy. He was only about 30 minutes after us so when he arrived the boys were so excited, I knew there was no way that bedtime was near. It was raining so our plans to go and find drift wood and shells on the beach was abandoned and we just chilled in the flat. We bathed the boys about 8pm and Noah was exhausted so after a story from Nana he went into his travel cot and tried to go to sleep. Tried being the operative word, as Finley was so hyped up he was not going to sleep anytime soon. We had every excuse in the book, he was thirsty, hungry, wanted a cuddle, wanted a wee and there was a funny noise he could hear. After Nana, Dandan and my attempts to get him to go to sleep we finally got here about 9.30pm!! I then had a hour chilling and eating digestive biscuits with the in laws while watching big brother and the amazing view from their living room.

I slept rather well but Finley was awake at 5am! Yep I haven't mistyped that it was 5am!! I led in bed with him having lovely cuddles until 6.10am when Noah woke up. So it wasn't all that bad. My in laws had heard them and they shouted in for the boys to join them. They then sent me back to bed for a hour - bliss!! I slept until 7.30am, when I woke up and got ready for a run. They were all having so much fun and I was told to go for as long as I wanted.

I decided to aim for 10k but ended up doing 9.5k. It really was a gorgeous run, I started by running along the prom and then the beach. It was raining but nothing was going to stop this being one of the best runs I had been on.

Once I was back and we were all dressed and ready we dropped my mother in law off at the pier as she had work on Saturday. My father in law, the boys and I had plans to go to a park. We got to Burnham on sea and both boys were asleep - surprise surprise after being up so early! So we took a drive past the park and drove along the sea front. We decided it was so lovely that we would go back there for lunch after our adventure in the park. We went to the Apex Park and it was great. It had a fishing and boating lake along with a fantastic walk around those. We got to the park and it was amazing! The boys had a ball and so did Dandan :-)

We spent about an hour or so here until we were all rather pekish. We headed back to the car and onto the sea front. We found a lovely little café where we enjoyed tea, paninis and chips. Dandan's plastic folk broke and Finley was in fits of giggles for ages. He had the whole of the café joining him.

The boys then enjoyed a few (15 or so) rides in the amusements and we then all enjoyed an ice cream.

After this we were knackered so back to the car it was to go and pick Nana up. We were a little early so went onto the piers amusements and Finley enjoyed the soft play while Noah slept and me and Dandan enjoyed a well deserved cuppa. Then Finley and Dandan headed into the 4D cinema where they enjoyed watching a sea adventure film. They got squirted with water, puffed with air and jiggled about the place. They had so much fun. We all then met up just as the shop was closing. We then jumped on the land train to head back home.

Back at the flat we enjoyed some tea, the boys had a bath and they were in bed, asleep, by 7.30pm!!!! I then enjoyed another evening of chocolate, great company and an amazing view of the sea.

Sunday morning came and this time it was Noah's turn to wake early, 5.30am! Seriously boys!! I then cuddled in bed until Finley woke and they were called into see Nana and Dandan. I was again told to go back to sleep as the boys had woken up in the night as we was somewhere different. I woke at 7am to the sun shining and the boys (and grandparents) happy. We all then had a lazy morning before getting dressed. The boys, Nana and I headed off to the park and left Dandan to do some work.

The park is literally a 5 minute walk down the road but we took a diversion along the bridge across the sea and I was so glad we did. The RNLI were having a training morning so we got to see them take the boat down to the sea.

They had so much fun at the park and after an hour were hungry. So back to the flat we went for lunch.

After lunch, out came the pushchair and with Dandan joining us we all made our way into town. Noah fought sleep but finally went off. Finley enjoyed a ride on the roundabout while I slipped into Newlook. This is where I got my outfit for the Friday of BritMums. After looking around a few more shops, Finley and Dandan caught the land train while Nana, Noah and I walked along the front back to the flat for tea and to get packed to go home. The boys were so tired so I was aiming to leave at about 7pm to get home for 8pm. After tea we took the boys down by the beach to blow and chase some bubbles before they jumped in the bath. We were all packed up and in the car by 7.15pm, I'm never on time, making our way home. Both boys were asleep within minutes.

It was the best weekend and was like a little holiday for us. We missed my hubby but he did a great job on the decorating.

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  1. What a lovely family - your boys are gorgeous. Sounds like you had a nice break. Well done on running 9.5k, I'm running 3Ks at the moment - hoping to be fit enough to run longer distances soon. #bestandworst

  2. Ah I love this! Sounds like you had a fantastic time! Poor hub for missing out as I'm sure he would have loved it too! But we'll done on him decorating. Loved all the pictures. #bestandworst

  3. Aww you had a blast! I love all the photos of your trip. Plus time for sleep and running. What lovely in-laws. I hope the decorating got done whilst you were away. Ace about the run too - I bet it was beautiful. Thanks for linking up to #bestandworst and catch you soon!! xx

  4. What a great weekend and action packed, love the sound of the 4d cinema, how cool!! Thanks for linking up to the #bestandworst and hope to see you again next week :)

  5. This looks like a wonderful weekend, so much fun and laughter, some wonderful photos too! Thanks for linking up to #PointShoot x



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