Friday 26 June 2015

My BritMums Live 2015 round up and (loads) of pictures

And so my BritMums journey began

This was my first BritMums Live and my very first conference. I was pretty nervous but so excited. I was going to just do a picture round up but then go carried away and it turned into a picture and words essay lol!! I got on the train on Friday morning, with my ridiculously heavy suitcase and my can of pimms for dutch courage.

As I said I was pretty nervous but had arranged to meet up with Emily from Twin Mummy and Daddy and Sarah from Run Jump Scrap at Paddington. This made me feel a lot less daunted as I would have someone to walk into The Brewery with. They are lovely and made me feel a lot less nervous straight away. We then made our way to the London Eye, to grab some lunch and then to do the Instawalk that OneDad3Girls had arranged.

We grabbed some lunch in Subway where Sarah decided to drink some random lady's water lol!

With Emily from Twin Mummy and Daddy & Sarah from Run Jump Scrap
My introduction to BritMums
They started the weekend with an icebreaker which was a Guinness World Record attempt and it was so much fun. We had to make as many Mummies as we could! And we did it with 51 mummies.

While at The Brewery

I met some lovely bloggers throughout the weekend that I had been talking to online for a while and I also met new bloggers and discovered their blogs. I went to as many sessions as I could and spoke to all the brands that were there. I got lots of freebies too to take home for the boys or for me to try. I was given a cup from Munchkin and Noah absolutely loves it!
My friend Freddie Bear
With Parragon books

Fellow bloggers who I met

During the two days I bumped into some familiar faces and was so lovely to have a chat with them in person, Beth at Twinderelmo, Ems at Its Mostly Okay, Lisa at Mummascribbles, Sarah at Four for the Road, Sarah at Sussex Mummy and so many more that if I mentioned you all it would be a post of fellow bloggers.
I got a bit star struck when I saw Emma at Brummymummyof2 as I have read her blog for a good year or so and I love it, so honest which I totally admire. I had to go up to her and act like a stalker and obviously ask for a selfie!

The venue

The brewery is a beautiful venue and BritMums had done amazingly in making it look gorgeous. The decoration in the two tents outside were just stunning and the perfect setting for the Friday night drinks before the BiB awards.

With Sarah from Run Jump Scrap

Our Friday night Nando's

Friday night after the BiB's, Martyn from Inside Martyns Thoughts had very kindly arranged for a few bloggers to go for a meal at Nando's, Lime Street, where we enjoyed some yummy food. During the meal I met Kaz from Ickle Pickle Life and Travels, Zena from Zena's Suitcase & Cathryn at Cardiff Mummy who I spent a lot of time with on the Saturday.

The learning aspect

The sessions I went to were very informative but I think because I was so nervous about the whole thing I didn't take in as much as I could have had I not been so nervous. So I think next year will be the year I learn a lot. The one session that I found really useful was 'Turning Pitches into Profits' by Emily from A Mummy Too. I did learn a lot from Emily at Twin Mummy and Daddy as I asked her so many questions throughout the weekend, so thank you lovely!
With Emily from Twin Mummy and Daddy
Onto day 2....

On Sunday morning we had the photo that every BritMums attendee has to have, the photo by the Brewery sign. Followed by the keynote from Carol Smillie about her brand, Diary Doll. This has to be one of the highlights of the weekend as I also got to meet Carol. Diary Doll are pants that have a secret waterproof panel for women. They are amazing! 

L-R : Zena from Zenas Suitcase, Kaz from Ickle Pickle Life and Travels, Emily from Twin Mummy and Daddy, Me & Cathryn from Cardiff Mummy

New shoes!!

I had to get my new sandals into the post as I love them and they were a total bargain at £19 from Kurt Geiger!

Homeward bound

On Saturday evening I was lucky enough to have a train time very similar to Emily, Kaz and Cathryn so we all travelled back to Paddington together.

With Emily from Twin Mummy and Daddy, Kaz from Ickle Pickle Life and Travel & Cathryn from Cardiff Mummy

What BritMums did for me

So to simply round up the weekend it was amazing. It has built my confidence and I met so many lovely people that I would now class as my friends. I hope to meet up with them all at some point but if not I will see you next year! It has also inspired me to crank up my writing on the blog as I just love to write!

What a fab goodie bag

Mums' Days


  1. I'm so so glad we arranged to meet up - you are so gorgeous in the flesh! Thanks so much for the mention. Hope to see you again xx

    1. Aw your so sweet! Could say the same about you. Glad we finally got to say hi :-) xx

  2. Ah this looked like such a wonderful time! X

  3. Looks like you had a fab time and it's good to read you built up your confidence after attending! I feel like my blog is still quite new but would consider going next year!


  4. Great post! It was so lovely to meet you :) Kaz x

  5. Fab post! It sounds like you had a fantastic time x



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